Solution definition

Solution means the MMF or a subset thereof, and in respect of any Sprint means the solution to be delivered by the Supplier to meet the Acceptance Criteria for the Stories that form the subject of that Sprint; and the output of the Solution may take the form of the delivery of Software and/or Deliverables and/or the provision of Services; SOW means a statement of work as executed by the Parties, in respect of a Release; and where multiple SOWs have been entered into by the Parties in respect of multiple Releases, then reference to SOW shall be a reference to the SOW which is applicable to the relevant Release; SOWs means all the SOW executed under this Contract; Sprint means the performance by each of the Parties of Planning, Activities, Showcase and Retrospective to enable the Supplier to deliver the Solution in order to Complete the specified Stories by the end of the Sprint Timebox; Sprint Plan means the plan that relates to a Sprint as agreed by the Parties; Sprint Timebox means a fixed period of time for the completion of a Sprint, the duration of which shall be as set out in the Calibration Deliverable;
Solution means one of the following: (i) Secured PCI; (ii) Secured Pro; or (iii) Secured Encrypt (as applicable).
Solution means the combination of the System(s) and Services provided by Motorola under this Agreement.

Examples of Solution in a sentence

  • CONTRACTOR is required to use Xxxxxxx’s JOC Solution to receive task orders from the COUNTY under this AGREEMENT.

  • This requires CONTRACTOR to enter into Consultant’s JOC System License, with Consultant as licensor and CONTRACTOR as licensee, and comply with all applicable terms of that license, including that payment of applicable license fees to Consultant for use of its Gordian JOC Solution.

  • The CONTRACTOR hereby agrees to take all actions necessary to maintain access to the Gordian JOC Solution by complying with Consultant’s JOC System License during the Term of this AGREEMENT.

  • Job Order Contracting Software COUNTY selected The Gordian Group’s (Gordian) Job Order Contracting (JOC) Solution for their JOC program.

  • The COUNTY selected The Gordian Group’s (Consultant) Job Order Contracting (“JOC”) Solution (Gordian JOC Solution) for their JOC program.

More Definitions of Solution

Solution means any Cloud Services solution which Orange will provide to Customer under the Agreement pursuant to one or several Orders, as described in the relevant Service Description or otherwise agreed with Customer.
Solution means a package of Anti -Money laundering application software, Bank’s Core Banking software, with necessary hardware, servers, PCs, and system software, database, third party utilities, middleware, etc. as proposed by the Supplier, all seamlessly integrated to work together on the Banks network to meet the Technical and functional requirements of the Bank indicated in this document.
Solution means a way to deal with a complaint – not necessarily the way you want.
Solution means a collection of information management techniques involving computer automation (Software/Hardware/database/network) to support and improve the quality and efficiency of business operations.
Solution means any combination of design, software, services, tools, systems, processes, knowledge, experience, resources, expertise or other assets that the State, the MMIS and the respective modular contractors use or provide to meet the business needs of the Project.
Solution enhanced death benefit, Option 3 shall mean annuities issued with a "Standard" death benefit, Option 4 shall mean annuities issued with a "Max 7" enhanced death benefit, and Option 5 shall mean annuities issued with a Max 5.5" enhanced death benefit, as described in the prospectus and the contract.
Solution means the combination of the Services performed and Software provided by us or our Cloud Partner (if applicable) to you pursuant to a Solution Description including use of the Cloud in connection with the provision of a Solution.