Assay definition

Assay means to test ores or minerals by chemical or other methods for the purpose of determining the amount of valuable metals contained.

Examples of Assay in a sentence

  • Evaluation of the GenoType MTBDRplus Assay for Rifampin and Isoniazid Susceptibility Testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains and Clinical Specimens.

  • Comparison of Xpert MTB/RIF Assay and GenoType MTBDRplus DNA Probes for Detection of Mutations Associated with Rifampicin Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

  • Aqua Regia digestion of oxidized samples is considered a total digestion of the sample.Verification of sampling and assaying• The verification of significant intersections by either independent or alternative company personnel.• The use of twinned holes.• Documentation of primary data,• Assay results were entered into a database and verified.• Sample data was recorded by hand and then transferred to a standard Excel spreadsheet on a laptop computer in thefield.

  • Therefore, high levels of Uric acid present in urine collected from males may cause an Invalid result in the Bladder EpiCheck Assay due to interference.

  • Assay of Radiopharmaceutical Dosages .................................................................

More Definitions of Assay

Assay or “Assay results” means the analysis of minerals, rocks and mine products to determine and quantify their constituent parts
Assay means an analysis to determine the presence, absence or quantity of one or more chemical components.
Assay means the total weight of 235U per kilogram of Material divided by the total weight of all uranium isotopes per kilogram of Material, the quotient of which is multiplied by 100 and expressed as a weight percent, which may be indicated by the symbol “w/o.”
Assay means any of the Level I Assays, the Level II Assays, the Level IIIP Assays, or the Level IIIXC Assays as defined below.
Assay means Biocept’s OncoCEE-LU™ (and OncoCEE-LU™ with Mutation Analysis) laboratory developed assay for characterization and profiling of CTCs from NSCLC patients, which shall incorporate, as Phase 1, CTC enumeration by cytokeratin and CD45 (and CEE-Enhancedwhen available), EML4/Alk1 fusions and EGFR amplification by fluorescence in situ hybridization (determined by Biocept); and as Phase 2, the additional detection of mutations for relevant genes, e.g., K-RAS, EGFR and B-RAF, as agreed by the parties, on captured CTCs and/or cell-free circulating DNA, as agreed by the parties, and employing technologies that potentially may include Biocept’s Selector technology, and any improvements or enhancements thereto, exclusive of new analytes (which are discussed in Section 3.5(f) under Collaboration Assays) or applications to primary screening.
Assay means to test the Articles for Fineness and “Assayed” and “Assaying” shall be construed accordingly.