Software Support definition

Software Support means technical support and maintenance services for the Software licensed under this Agreement as described in Perforce’s then-current Software Support policy available on Perforce’s website, and any new releases to the Software for which Licensee is paying the Software Support fee.
Software Support means technical support and maintenance services for the Software, and any new releases to the Software for which a licensee is paying the Software Support fee, whether separately for perpetual licenses of the Software, or as included in the subscription license fee for the Software, as applicable.
Software Support means those services defined in this SSA.

Examples of Software Support in a sentence

  • Also the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) Code A23 has the overall Engineering Agent (EA), Technical Direction Agent (TDA), In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA), and Software Support Activity (SSA).

  • Charges for Software Support shall be included as part of the License Fee or for Customers that have a license to Questionmark OnPremise that was migrated from the predecessor program Questionmark Perception, shall be separately outlined as Software Support Fees on an Order.

  • Questionmark shall be obligated to provide a license for the Questionmark OnPremise Software and/or Software Support and/or Assessment Content only in conformity with such Order, including with regard to the Term and the Server Configuration, regardless of whether the order or other documentation between Customer and such reseller provides different terms.

  • Without prejudice to any other rights, Questionmark may terminate Customer’s licenses under this Agreement and use of Software Support if Customer fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement or fails to pay Questionmark's invoice for the Fees when due.

  • Questionmark OnPremise Software and Software Support may be subject to the export control regulations of the European Union and Switzerland and United States export controls administered by the United States Department of Commerce, the United States Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control, and any other United States governmental agencies.

More Definitions of Software Support

Software Support means Telephone Support, Software Error Correction, and Software Update services provided by TriTech (and/or other Software Vendors) for the Software, either under warranty or under an annual Software Support Agreement, as more fully described in said Agreement.
Software Support means the CITY/DISTRICT’s Human Resources Department staff or any other CITY/DISTRICT staff so designated by the CITY/DISTRICT’s Human Resources Director to provide day to day support to CLIENT agencies during Normal Working Hours.
Software Support means the support services provided by Licensor in connection with Failures (as defined in the Software Support Terms) in the Software.
Software Support is defined as:
Software Support means the software support services for the Licensed Software, as such services are described on Schedule B hereto.
Software Support means software support as described in Clause 5.2.
Software Support means optional support for Perception Server Software, as further described in Clause 4.