Scheduled Amount definition

Scheduled Amount means the Day-Ahead Schedule comprised of the quantity (in MWh) of electric energy expected to be produced by the Generating Facility that is scheduled from Seller or Seller’s Scheduling Coordinator to Buyer in a Physical Trade in the IFM.
Scheduled Amount. Not applicable.
Scheduled Amount. As to any Distribution Date, the amount equal to the ---------------- aggregate of the scheduled payments that were due during the Collection Period ending immediately prior to such Distribution Date in respect of Contracts that were Outstanding immediately following such Collection Period or whose last scheduled payment was due during such Collection Period.

Examples of Scheduled Amount in a sentence

  • B = The Scheduled Amount in the Settlement Interval being calculated.

  • If, in any Settlement Interval, a Generating Facility’s Scheduled Amount differs from the Generating Facility’s Metered Energy by more than the SC Trade Tolerance Band, then Seller shall be subject to a payment adjustment calculated by Buyer in accordance with the procedures and formulas set forth below.

  • C = Day-Ahead Price for the Settlement Interval being calculated in $/kWh.D = Real-Time Price for the Settlement Interval being calculated in $/kWh.No under-scheduling adjustment shall be assessed against Seller for a Settlement Interval in which the Scheduled Amount plus the SC Trade Tolerance Band is less than the Metered Energy if, during such Settlement Interval, the Real-Time Price is equal to or less than the Day-Ahead Price payable during the Settlement Interval.

More Definitions of Scheduled Amount

Scheduled Amount. As to any Distribution Date and any Class of ---------------- Scheduled Certificates and any Scheduled Component, the amount designated as such for such Distribution Date and such Class or Component as set forth in the Principal Amount Schedules.
Scheduled Amount means the amount of a progress payment that is proposed to be made under a payment schedule, as referred to in section 14.
Scheduled Amount means, with respect to a Transaction and any particular Month, the amount set out for such Month on the schedule of Scheduled Amounts attached to the Confirmation for such Transaction.
Scheduled Amount. The sum for each outstanding Mortgage Loan (including each defaulted Mortgage Loan, other than a Liquidated Loan, with respect to which the related Mortgaged Property has been acquired by the Trust Estate) of the product of (A) the Non-PO Fraction for such Mortgage Loan and (B) the sum of the amounts described in clauses y(i) and y(iv) of the definition of Class A Non-PO Optimal Principal Amount, but without that amount being multiplied by the Class A Percentage.
Scheduled Amount. , of a substance, means the amount mentioned in the NPIM, schedule A, table 1 or 2, column 4, for the substance.
Scheduled Amount has the meaning set forth in SECTION 4A hereof.
Scheduled Amount means, in respect of any Scheduled Payment Date, the amount of interest and (if applicable) principal in respect of the Bonds and/or the Coupons (as the case may be) which the Issuer is scheduled to pay on such Scheduled Payment Date;