Router definition

Router means a modem or router provided by us for use by you in connection with the Broadband Service.
Router means a network device whose primary function is to determine the optimal path along which network traffic should be forwarded. Routers forward packets from one network to another, based on network layer information (L3);
Router means, for purposes of these HV/SIP Provisions, a router, router/switch, or switch approved by CenturyLink for use with the Service.

Examples of Router in a sentence

  • One solution for the Large Network Router from any OEM meeting the mandatory requirements is required.

  • Computer Security Tools and Advanced Video and Conference Tools 90 6.1. Network and Communication Devices 90 6.1.1. Network Technology Core Specification 90 6.1.2. Wireless Networking Equipment 93 6.1.3. LAN Switches 93 6.1.4. Network Router 94 6.1.5. Radio Equipment 95 6.1.6. Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony System 96 6.1.7. Cell Phone 96 6.1.8. Network Diagnostic Tools 96 6.1.9. Network Optimization Support for Core Routing & Switching 97 6.1.10.

  • MOSPF [RFC 1584] (desirable) Network ManagementIn addition to the Core Network Management requirement (Section, each Network Router shall include the following:a.

  • Serial interfaces (desirable) Large Network RouterA Large Network Router (single chassis) such as Juniper M20 shall provide the following configuration options; i.e. the chassis shall have the option to be configured in any one of the following ways):a.

  • Ability for concurrent configuration of installed interfaces 6.1.4. Network RouterAt least 2 solutions, each from a different OEM for Medium Network Router are required.

More Definitions of Router

Router means a device that forwards data packets between computer networks, creating an overlay internetwork.
Router means equipment which determines the Network priority and, if applicable, the route to be used by the Service.
Router shall be limited to the following information: process flows, component traceability, inspection results (pass/fail), statistical process control results (monitoring of the critical parameters and/or defects) (pass/fail), quality assurance audit results (inspections made on the Product during manufacturing) (pass/fail), label inspection results (pass/fail), pyrogen test results (pass/fail), route sheet review (pass/fail), sterilization flow, copy of the first and last label used in the lot, label reconciliation results, set-up parameters and testing results (equipment set-up, process parameters information and results of the testing performed to the Product during manufacturing).
Router means a device or setup that finds the best route between any two networks using IP addressing, even if there are several networks to traverse. Like bridges, remote sites can be connected using routers over dedicated or switched lines to create wide area networks.
Router means a device that is used to connect two or more computers or devices to each other and usually to the internet, via wired cables, or through a wireless signal.
Router means a router or router/switch approved by CenturyLink for use with the Service.