Interface definition

Interface means the mixture occurring in pipeline operations between adjoining batches having similar or dissimilar physical characteristics.
Interface means a facility between systems which provides the media through which they can connect and interact;
Interface means a secured Web based interface that allows the Customer Administrator to access quarantined messages, define filtering preferences, define encryption policies, create Allow Lists and Deny Lists, view message reports and statistics, and search the quarantine database.

Examples of Interface in a sentence

  • W., ZHANG, H., KRISHNAN, R.: A Brain-Computer Interface Based Attention Training Program for Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

  • CI139 - CS/RD2 (Central Services/Reference data)As Consumer - Interface with the below systems:i.

  • Process all routine transfers • Post all debit and credit certificate transactions • Issue Stock Certificates • Create book entry Direct Registration System (“DRS”) positions • Participate in the DRS profile system, allowing broker “sweeps” of registered positions • Interface electronically with DTC/CEDE & CO.

  • Customer seeks the following characteristic and functions for the ticket system: • Flexible and user-friendly • Send and receive email to create and update issues • Send email on all status changes of an issue • Web User Interface o Full case handling of issues o List of all issues with status • Single Sign-On Login via Azure AD The Supplier shall describe their ticket system available for this Agreement in Appendix 2.

  • First step is to parse the command or set of commands given in a Command Line Interface (CLI).

More Definitions of Interface

Interface means the protocols (including cryptographic algorithms), packet formats, and data structures disclosed in the Specification.
Interface means Interface Group-Nevada, Inc., a Nevada corporation.
Interface means physical interface format in which the Customer and/or Liquid Telecom shall deliver the signal to the Network, which in this instance is Ethernet;
Interface means the editorial and graphical content, and functionality (which is not otherwise Inktomi Technology hereunder), of the Web and other pages served to end users of Customer, including without limitation all Search Pages, Inktomi Results Pages, instruction pages, frequently asked questions pages and any site end user terms and guidelines.
Interface means a point of interaction between System components or the device or code which enables such interaction; applicable to both Equipment and Software.
Interface or “Entergy Interface” means the border of the Entergy System which contains Interconnection Points, where energy can be delivered to the Entergy System, if the applicable generating unit is located outside the Entergy Control Area.
Interface means an electrical, optical, RF, mechanical, or software data path that is capable of transmitting and/or receiving information between two or more (a) Integrated Circuits or (b) portions of an Integrated Circuit, in each case together with the set of protocols defining the electrical, physical, timing and/or functional characteristics, sequences and/or control procedures of such data path.