Resolved definition

Resolved. With respect to a Repurchase Request, means that (i) the related Material Defect has been cured, (ii) the related Mortgage Loan has been repurchased in accordance with the related Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement, (iii) a mortgage loan has been substituted for the related Mortgage Loan in accordance with the related Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement, (iv) the applicable Mortgage Loan Seller has made a Loss of Value Payment, (v) a contractually binding agreement has been entered into between the Enforcing Servicer, on behalf of the Trust, and the related Mortgage Loan Seller that settles the related Mortgage Loan Seller’s obligations under the related Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement, or (vi) the related Mortgage Loan is no longer property of the Trust as a result of a sale or other disposition in accordance with this Agreement.
Resolved means that the grievance has reached a final conclusion with respect to the enrollee’s submitted grievance, and there are no pending enrollee appeals within the plan’s grievance system, including entities with delegated authority.
Resolved means the decision or determination made by the retailer or distributor (as relevant) with respect to the complaint, where the retailer or distributor, having regard to the nature and particular circumstances of the complaint, has used all reasonable steps to ensure the best possible approach to addressing the complaint.

Examples of Resolved in a sentence

  • Resolved:- (1) That the report be received and its contents noted.

  • Further Resolved, that the financial institution will accept and pay on, without further inquiry, any checks or debits drawn against any of the LLC’s accounts.

  • Further Resolved, that the officers, managers, or authorized employees may execute other agreements, including, but not limited to, special depository agreements, and arrangements concerning the manner, condition, and/or purposes for which funds, checks, debits, or items of the LLC may be deposited, collected, or withdrawn, as long as these other agreements are not contrary to the provisions contained in this resolution.

  • Further Resolved, that the power granted to the LLC’s officers, managers, or authorized employees will remain in full force and effect until written notice has been delivered and received by the financial institution at each location where an account is maintained.

  • Be It Further Resolved, that the Board of Education authorizes the District Clerk to execute said agreement on their behalf.

More Definitions of Resolved

Resolved means that (1) Management concurs with the recommendation, and the planned, ongoing, and completed corrective action is consistent with the recommendation; or (2) Management does not concur with the recommendation, but alternate action meets the intent of the recommendation.
Resolved in relation to a complaint means that the complaint has been finalised in such a manner that the complainant has explicitly accepted that the matter is fully resolved or that it is reasonable for the financial services provider to assume that the complainant has so accepted. A complaint should only be regarded as resolved once any and all undertakings made by the financial services provider to resolve the complaint have been met.
Resolved means that the Plan has reached a decision with respect to the beneficiary’s grievance and notified the beneficiary of the disposition.
Resolved. That pursuant to the authority vested in the Board of Directors of the Corporation by Article 4 of the Corporation's restated certificate of incorporation, as amended (the "Certificate of Incorporation"), a series of Preferred Stock of the Corporation be, and it hereby is, created out of the authorized but unissued shares of the capital stock of the Corporation, such series to be designated Series C Convertible Preferred Stock (the "Series C Convertible Preferred Stock"), to consist of 750 shares, par value $0.01 per share, of which the preferences and relative and other rights, and the qualifications, limitations or restrictions thereof, shall be as set forth in the Certificate of Designations annexed hereto:
Resolved means, with respect to an Approved Financing that is subject to one of the conditions set forth in clauses (iv) through (vii) of the definition of Other Material Underlying Events, that the Administrative Agent has determined in its sole discretion based on information that has been provided to it by the Borrowers as well as its own internal investigation that such Approved Financing may remain a part of the Borrowing Base as Eligible Collateral as a Watched Loan; provided that the Administrative Agent shall have the right to re-evaluate such Approved Financing if the Administrative Agent becomes aware of facts not previously disclosed to it or of which it was not previously aware during the initial review process.
Resolved means: when all aspects of the complaint have been resolved and the member has been notified.
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