Material Defect Sample Clauses

Material Defect. If the Property has any material defect, Owner has communicated any such defect to the Broker. Broker is authorized to disclose to any potential Tenant any such defects and any other material information, including the flood hazard status of the Property, known by the Broker relating to the Property.
Material Defect. If a material defect is disclosed in the Residential Real Property Disclosure Report, after acceptance by the prospective buyer of an offer or counter-offer made by a seller or after the execution of an offer made by a prospective buyer that is accepted by the seller for the conveyance of the residential real property, then the Prospective Buyer may, within three business days after receipt of that Report by the prospective buyer, terminate the contract or other agreement without any liability or recourse except for the return to prospective buyer of all xxxxxxx money deposits or down payments paid by prospective buyer in the transaction. If a material defect is disclosed in a supplement to this disclosure document, the prospective buyer shall not have a right to terminate unless the material defect results from an error, inaccuracy, or omission of which the seller had actual knowledge at the time the prior disclosure document was completed and signed by the seller. The right to terminate the contract, however, shall no longer exist after the conveyance of the residential real property. For purposes of this Act the termination shall be deemed to be made when written notice of termination is personally delivered to at least one of the sellers identified in the contract or other agreement or when deposited, certified or registered mail, with the United States Postal Service, addressed to one of the sellers at the address indicated in the contract or agreement, or, if there is not an address contained therein, then at the address indicated for the residential real property on the Report.
Material Defect. The Enforcing Servicer shall promptly forward such PSA Party Repurchase Request to the applicable Mortgage Loan Seller and each other party to this Agreement. Subject to subsections (g), (h), (i), (j) and (k) of this Section 2.03, the Enforcing Servicer shall act as the Enforcing Party and enforce the rights of the Trust against the related Mortgage Loan Seller with respect to each Repurchase Request. The Enforcing Servicer shall enforce the obligations of the Mortgage Loan Sellers under the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreements (including, without limitation, obligations resulting from a Material Defect) pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreements. Subject to the provisions of the applicable Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement and this Agreement, such enforcement, including, without limitation, the legal prosecution of claims, if any, shall be carried out in such form, to such extent and at such time as the Enforcing Servicer would require were it, in its individual capacity, the owner of the affected Mortgage Loan, and in accordance with the Servicing Standard. Any costs incurred by the Enforcing Servicer with respect to the enforcement of the obligations of a Mortgage Loan Seller under the applicable Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement shall be deemed to be Property Advances, to the extent not recovered from the Mortgage Loan Seller or the applicable Requesting Certificateholder and/or Consultation Requesting Certificateholder.
Material Defect. To be effective, any such notice shall specifically identify and describe the basis for such termination, and shall include reasonable evidence of the Material Defect or Material Adverse Environmental Condition leading to the termination notice. Neither (i) a minor deviation in the location of a Pipeline, relative to a defined Right-of-Way in an easement, (ii) a gap in the Right-of-Way nor (iii) an encroachment onto a Right-of-Way shall be deemed to constitute a Material Defect for purposes of this Agreement.
Material Defect. The Seller has no knowledge of any material defects to the Property which have not been disclosed in writing to Purchaser (except as set forth in Exhibit C attached hereto and incorporated herein for all purposes).
Material Defect. Defined in the Purchase Agreement.
Material Defect. Neither the Seller nor Pxxx nor the Company has knowledge of any material defects to the Premises which have not been disclosed in writing to the Purchaser.
Material Defect. 9. If a material defect in the record title shall be claimed by the BUYER, the BUYER shall notify the SELLER thereof in writing at least twenty-one
Material Defect. The term "Material Defect" shall have the meaning assigned to it in Paragraph 7.07(b) of this Agreement.