Rendered definition

Rendered means that a signed written order is filed with the clerk or any deputy clerk of the department and served on the respondent. The date of filing must be indicated on the face of the order at the time of rendition.
Rendered means when a decision is reduced to writing and formally delivered or filed. In the case of an order of the Planning Commission, the order shall be rendered when it is date stamped by the Clerk of the Planning Commission and filed in the records of the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department during the regular business hours of the Department.

Examples of Rendered in a sentence

Rendered technical assistance at the National Intelligence Coordinating Council (NICA) Regional Office 2 relative to the network of its ICT equipment (laptops and smartphones) to maximize their PLDT internet connection.

Rendered amount means the amount charged by a provider for a service and submitted for payment of a claim.

WITNESSETH: Professional Services Rendered In consideration of the monetary payment hereinafter described in Attachment A, attached hereto and made a part hereof, the Consultant will provide services to the City of Greensboro.

However, unless otherwise stated in Section 3 (Employment of Additional Workers by Contractor) or Section 18 (Description of Services to be Rendered), Contractor may use the services of subcontractors under its supervision and control to perform parts of its work hereunder.

That are not accepted as standard practice by the AMA, ADA, or the Food and Drug Administration; Not Actually Rendered.

Rendered at the specific request of the PPSO or its agent, made in writing, and the shipper or its agent is notified of the additional charge specified in this item for this service before the loading and/or unloading begins.

Rendered inaccessible by the structure or finish of the building.

Control as to Time and Place and Manner where Services Will Be Rendered, Independent Contractor.

Date of Issue: July 10, 2018 Effective: Service Rendered on and after July 1, 2018Issued by: Brian MacLean, President520 Green LaneUnion, New Jersey 07083 Filed Pursuant to Order of the Board of Public Utilities Dated June 22, 2018 in Docket No. GM17121309ELIZABETHTOWN GAS COMPANYB.

BOOKS, RECORDS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: List all bookkeepers and accountants who within two (2) years immediately preceding the filing of this bankruptcy case kept or supervised the keeping of books of account and records of the debtor.Name and AddressDates Services Rendered NONEX 19b.

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Rendered means the written decision has been signed, dated, and received by the

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Services means those functional services ancillary to the supply of the goods, such as transportation and any other incidental services, such as installation, commissioning, provision of technical assistance, training, catering, gardening, security, maintenance and other such obligations of the supplier covered under the contract.
Legal Services means fees charged by an attorney:
essential services means the erection, construction, alteration or maintenance by public utilities or municipal or other governmental agencies, of underground or overhead gas, electrical, steam or water transmission or distributing systems, collection, communication, supply or disposal systems, including poles, wires, mains, drains, sewers, pipes, conduits, cables, fire alarm boxes, police call boxes, traffic signals, hydrants and other similar equipment and accessories in connection therewith, reasonably necessary for the furnishing of adequate services by such public utilities or municipal or other governmental agencies or for the public health or safety or general welfare, but not including buildings.
The Services means those services ancillary to the supply of the Goods, such as transportation and insurance, and any other incidental services, such as installation, commissioning, provision of technical assistance, training, and other such obligations of the Supplier covered under the Contract.
Consulting Services means professional services, such as implementation, configuration, custom development and training, performed by SAP’s employees or subcontractors as described in any Order Form and which are governed by the Supplement for Consulting Services or similar agreement.
Professional Services means those services within the scope of the practice of architecture, professional engineering, landscape architecture, or registered surveying and mapping, as defined by the laws of Florida, or those services performed by any architect, professional engineer, landscape architect, or registered surveyor and mapper, in connection with the firm's or individual's professional employment or practice.
Professional means an Entity: (a) employed pursuant to a Bankruptcy Court order in accordance with sections 327, 363, or 1103 of the Bankruptcy Code and to be compensated for services rendered prior to or on the Confirmation Date, pursuant to sections 327, 328, 329, 330, 331, and 363 of the Bankruptcy Code; or (b) awarded compensation and reimbursement by the Bankruptcy Court pursuant to section 503(b)(4) of the Bankruptcy Code.
Medical services means Medically Necessary services, including, as the context requires, Confinement, treatments, procedures, tests, examinations or other related services for the investigation or treatment of a Disability.
Related Services means the services incidental to the supply of the goods, such as transportation, insurance, installation, training and initial maintenance and other such obligations of the Supplier under the Contract.
Consultant means any person, including an advisor, engaged by the Company or a Parent or Subsidiary to render services to such entity.
Residential services means a complete range of residences and supports authorized by resource management services and which may involve a facility, a distinct part thereof, or services which support community living, for persons who are acutely mentally ill, adults who are chronically mentally ill, children who are severely emotionally disturbed, or adults who are seriously disturbed and determined by the regional support network to be at risk of becoming acutely or chronically mentally ill. The services shall include at least evaluation and treatment services as defined in chapter 71.05 RCW, acute crisis respite care, long-term adaptive and rehabilitative care, and supervised and supported living services, and shall also include any residential services developed to service persons who are mentally ill in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and adult family homes, and may include outpatient services provided as an element in a package of services in a supported housing model. Residential services for children in out-of-home placements related to their mental disorder shall not include the costs of food and shelter, except for children's long-term residential facilities existing prior to January 1, 1991.
municipal services means services provided either by the Municipality, or by an external agent on behalf of the Municipality in terms of a service delivery agreement;
Engagement means the engagement (including the Agency Worker’s acceptance of the Hirer’s offer), employment or use of the Agency Worker by the Hirer or any third party to whom the Agency Worker has been introduced by the Hirer, on a permanent or temporary basis, whether under a contract of service or for services, and/or through a company of which the Agency Worker is an officer, employee or other representative, an agency, license, franchise or partnership arrangement, or any other engagement; and “Engage”, “Engages” and “Engaged” shall be construed accordingly;
Independent Consultant means any consultant or firm of such consultants selected by the Community Facilities District and who, or each of whom (a) is generally recognized to be qualified in the financial consulting field, (b) is in fact independent and not under the domination of the Community Facilities District or the City, (c) does not have any substantial interest, direct or indirect, with or in the Community Facilities District or the City, or any owner of real property in the Community Facilities District, or any real property in the Community Facilities District, and (d) is not connected with the Community Facilities District or the City as an officer or employee thereof, but who may be regularly retained to make reports to the Community Facilities District or the City.
Technical Services means all services that are necessary to carry out individual, scattered site activities including but not limited to: (1) conducting initial inspections, (2) work write-up or project specification development, (3) cost estimate preparation, (4) construction supervision associated with activities that do not require an architect or engineer, (5) lead hazard reduction or lead abatement need determination and oversight, (6) lead hazard reduction or abatement carrying costs, (7) temporary relocation coordination, (8) financing costs such as security agreement preparation and recording or filing fees, (9) processing of individual applications for assistance, (10) income eligibility determination and verification, (11) value determination (new construction) or after rehabilitation value determination (existing structures), and (12) project-specific environmental clearance processes.
Compensation means all base straight time gross earnings and commissions, but exclusive of payments for overtime, shift premium, incentive compensation, incentive payments, bonuses and other compensation.
Reasonable compensation means, with respect to a regularly employed officer or employee of any person, compensation that is consistent with the normal compensation for such officer or employee for work that is not furnished to, not funded by, or not furnished in cooperation with the Federal Government.
Consultants means the Company's consultants and advisors only if: (i) they are natural persons; (ii) they provide bona fide services to the Company; and (iii) the services are not in connection with the offer or sale of securities in a capital-raising transaction, and do not directly or indirectly promote or maintain a market for the Company's securities.
Paraprofessional means a person certified pursuant to section two-a, article three of this chapter to perform duties in a support capacity including, but not limited to, facilitating in the instruction and direct or indirect supervision of students under the direction of a principal, a teacher or another designated professional educator.
Funeral services means services provided for the final disposition of a dead human body, including but not limited to services necessarily or customarily provided for a funeral, or for the interment, entombment, or cremation of a dead human body, or any combination thereof. “Funeral services” does not include perpetual care or maintenance.
Basic municipal services means a municipal service necessary to ensure an acceptable and reasonable quality of life, which service – if not provided – would endanger public health or safety or the environment.
Nonprofessional services means any services not specifically identified as professional services in the definition of professional services.
Engineering Services means services related to a highway, and may include water supply services, waste water services, and storm water drainage and control services;