Relevant Services definition

Relevant Services means the performance of any services of the type provided by the Company, its Affiliates and/or their predecessors at any time, past, present or future, including, but not limited to, consulting services, technology services, and/or outsourcing services.
Relevant Services means legal services or claims management services provided in connection with a matter—
Relevant Services products and services competitive with those supplied by the Employer or any other Group Company at any time during the 12 months prior to the Relevant Date in the supply of which the Executive was involved or concerned other than in a de minimis way at any time during the said period;

Examples of Relevant Services in a sentence

  • Firm’s references - Relevant Services carried out in the last seven years as per Form- E2/T-3.

  • The Client has tasked the Supplier to Process the Personal Data exclusively insofar this concerns the provision of the Relevant Services, as described below in this Appendix 1.

  • It is the Client’s obligation to report any infringement of the Personal Data in relation to the Relevant Services to the Supervising Authority and/or the Data Subjects involved.

  • The Client will indemnify the Supplier against claims of any Supervisory Authority, Data Subject or third party in connection with the Processing of Personal Data in relation to the Relevant Services, unless the Client proves that the claim has been exclusively caused and is the direct consequence of a violation of this Processing Agreement by the Supplier.

  • Processing of personal data outside the EEAInsofar as is necessary for the efficient provision of the Relevant Services, the Client requests that the Supplier process the Personal Data of the Relevant Services outside the EEA or in a region that has not been appointed by the European commission but which does possess a validated adequate level of protectionin accordance with the Applicable Legislation.

More Definitions of Relevant Services

Relevant Services means services provided in pursuance of arrangements made by the clinical commissioning group—
Relevant Services means mental health services provided to a student that
Relevant Services means the relevant services agreed to be provided by Bottomline under and in accordance with the Agreement.
Relevant Services means (a) directly related to or within the scope of the existing business of the Company [as an internet based, healthcare software company] or (b) any other product or service within the logical scope of the business of the Company as such scope may be expanded or altered by the Board of Directors and (c) any other services or products provided by the Company from time to time which, at any time during the twelve (12) months preceding the termination of the Executive's employment.
Relevant Services means goods or services competitive with those which on the termination of your employment the Company was supplying or negotiating or actively and directly seeking to supply to a Customer for the purposes of a Relevant Business.
Relevant Services means goods or services identical to, substantially similar to, or competitive with, those which any Relevant Company was supplying, or negotiating or actively and directly seeking to supply to a Customer during the Relevant Period and in the course of a Relevant Business;
Relevant Services. success fee”.