Services Contract definition

Services Contract means a contract which has as its object a service of some sort, e.g. courier services, street cleansing, training etc.
Services Contract means a contractor provides a service of some sort, e.g. courier services, street cleansing, training etc. This may involve providing some goods, e.g. a report or refuse bins, but most of the work involves doing something for the Council other than “Works”.
Services Contract means the agreement between Project Co and the Service Provider, a certified copy of which has been delivered by Project Co to the Authority, as amended, supplemented or replaced from time to time in accordance with this Agreement;

Examples of Services Contract in a sentence

  • Information Technology Staff Augmentation Services Contract No. 80101507-21-STC-ITSA Contract Exhibit F Resume Self-Certification Form Contractor’s candidates shall complete this Resume Self-Certification Form.

  • The General Specifications should cover all classes of workmanship, materials, and equipment commonly involved in the provision of Services, although not necessarily to be used in a particular Services Contract.

  • The Texas Health and Human Services Commission ("HHSC") and the Contractor named in Section I (HHSC and Contractor may be referenced in this document collectively as the “Parties” and individually as the “Party") hereby enter into this Community Services Contract - Provider Agreement (the “Contract”) for the provision of services under the Contract type specified in Section I for the considerations set forth herein.

  • The Mayor of the Township may, upon ten (10) days written notice, and without cause, terminate the Services Contract.

  • Any modification to the Services Contract shall be in writing and signed by both parties, and upon obtaining said signatures shall immediately become a part of the contract.

More Definitions of Services Contract

Services Contract means a legally enforceable agreement for the purchase of services in the form of time, effort and expertise, pursuant to agreed terms and conditions, on a buyer and supplier basis.
Services Contract means a contract, in writing, for consideration (whatever the nature of the consideration) under which a contracting authority engages a person to provide services but does not include
Services Contract means the document signed by the customer detailing the products, services and related costs associated with the products and services requested;
Services Contract means the contract for the provision of labour or work, including knowledge-based expertise, carried out by hand, or with the assistance of equipment and plant.
Services Contract means an agreement for the provision of Services entered into with a Provider by one or more of the Partners in accordance with the relevant Individual Scheme. Service Users means those individuals for whom the Partners have a responsibility to commission the Services and/or who are eligible to receive the Services. SOSH means the Secretary of State for Health.
Services Contract means the Services Agreement by and between the Agency and [name of vendor] (―Vendor‖) dated , and all schedules, exhibits, and other attachments to that agreement, including, without limitation, the Statement of Work.
Services Contract is defined in Section 4.2(b).