Relevant Business definition

Relevant Business means any business or part thereof howsoever carried on involving the supply of Restricted Goods and/or Services;
Relevant Business means the areas of business of the Company or any other member of the Group in which, pursuant to his duties, the Executive was materially involved, or in respect of which the Executive was in possession of Confidential Information, in either case at any time during the Relevant Period.
Relevant Business means matters for which the Council has a responsibility and which substantially affect the well-being of the administrative area of the Council and/or the citizens (or a significant group of them) of the Council.

Examples of Relevant Business in a sentence

  • The day falling ten (10) Business Days immediately following the relevant Optional Redemption Valuation Date.The last Relevant Business Day in March in each year commencing in March of the calendar year after the Issue Date, subject to adjustment in the event that such day is a Disrupted Day as provided in the definition of Valuation Date in Condition 28.

  • The Security Threshold in respect of a Relevant Business Day will be published as soon as practicable after its determination on the OET Website(s), as set out in § 37(d).

  • The day falling five (5) Business Days following the Optional Redemption Valuation Date.Each Relevant Business Day during the period from (and including) the Issue Date to (but excluding) the Redemption Valuation Date.

More Definitions of Relevant Business

Relevant Business means any class or classes of insurance or reinsurance business which was underwritten in the twelve months immediately prior to the Termination Date by the Company or any Group Company and with which the Participant was directly or indirectly materially concerned or involved or had personal knowledge in the course of Participant’s duties during the Relevant Period.
Relevant Business means any business of a relevant financial institution
Relevant Business means engaging by way of business in one or more of the businesses or transactions referred to in relation to a regulated person;
Relevant Business means a business whose activities consist of, or include, an activity which in the opinion of the Assessor satisfies all of the following conditions—
Relevant Business means each of the following activities carried on by
Relevant Business means business of a kind which entails risks relating to money laundering, terrorist financing or other threats to the integrity of the financial system;
Relevant Business means any business of an approved exchange or a recognised market operator