Review Criteria definition

Review Criteria has the meaning assigned to that term in Section 12.02(b)(i).
Review Criteria. The meaning specified in Section 7.2(b)(i).
Review Criteria. Defined in Section 8.2(b)(i).

Examples of Review Criteria in a sentence

  • Additional Solicitation Specific Review Criteria Additional merit review criteria apply.

  • METHODOLOGY -- Corresponds to Section V’s Review Criteria 2 (Response), 3 (Evaluative Measures), 4 (Impact) and 6 (Support Requested) Propose methods that will be used to address the stated needs and meet each of the previously described program goal, objectives, requirements and expectations listed in the Purpose and Program Description sections in this NOFO, which includes the following: a.

  • General Review Criteria Competing applications requesting funding under the specific project activity in Section 3 will be reviewed for technical merit in accordance with established PHS/SAMHSA peer review procedures.

  • Review Criteria: Address in narrative form each of the review criteria identified in Section V.B of the RFP.

  • Preliminary Development Plan - Review Criteria: The Planning Commission and the County shall consider, but not be limited to, those items listed in Ordinance 14.10 of the Zoning Ordinance (Standards for Considering Zoning Decisions) and the following criteria when reviewing the Preliminary Development Plan for a PUD: [Amended Ord.

More Definitions of Review Criteria

Review Criteria. Defined in Section 8.2(b).
Review Criteria is defined in Section 14.02(b)(i).
Review Criteria is defined in Section 14.02(b)(i) hereof.
Review Criteria means the standards used by panels to evaluate applications, nominations, or staff recommenda- tions.
Review Criteria means Review Criteria as defined in Section 19(b).
Review Criteria. Defined in Section 8.2.
Review Criteria. Has the meaning set forth in Section 2.05(c) hereof.