financial service provider definition

financial service provider means any person, other than a representative, who as a regular feature of the business of such person –
financial service provider means a person engaged in the business of providing financial services in terms of authorisation issued or registration granted by a financial sector regulator;
financial service provider means a bank, building society or credit union or an agency for any of these.

Examples of financial service provider in a sentence

  • Money in Transit or in a night Safe or automatic teller machine until removed by a Financial Service Provider employee.

  • Our liability ceases at the time Your Financial Service Provider ceases trading on the next business day following the deposit therein.

  • Money in private residence Money in Your personal custody or the personal custody of an authorised person while in a private residence until the closing time on next business day when the Money can be deposited with a Financial Service Provider.

  • In order to address this issue, one of the first steps will be to undertake a Financial Service Provider (FSP) Assessment.

  • Any company interested in becoming a Financial Service Provider (FSP), with demonstrated experience in cash transfer programme in Afghanistan or technical, managerial and financial capacity to execute the cash transfer programme, are encouraged to apply.

More Definitions of financial service provider

financial service provider means a person that, as a business or as part of a business, provides a financial service;
financial service provider. ’ means a person that, as a business or as part of a 25
financial service provider means a financial service provider as defined in Section 2 of the Act;
financial service provider means a bank, financial institution or financial business;
financial service provider means a person who carries on a business of providing one or more financial services;]
financial service provider means any of the following engaged in or transacting business in this state: