Purchasing Manager definition

Purchasing Manager means the person duly authorized to enter into and administer Contracts and make written determinations with respect to the Contract or his or her designee.
Purchasing Manager means the City’s Manager of Purchasing or her designate;
Purchasing Manager means the Hays County Purchasing Manager.

Examples of Purchasing Manager in a sentence

  • The Contractor will provide an original, signed Certificate of Insurance, evidencing such insurance and such endorsements as prescribed herein, and shall have it filed with the County Purchasing Manager before a contract is executed and any work is started.

  • The failure of the Contractor to deliver a new and valid certificate will result in suspension of all payments until the new certificate is furnished to the County Purchasing Manager.

  • Goods which have been rejected or required to be corrected shall be removed or, if permitted or required by the Purchasing Manager, corrected in place by and at the expense of the Contractor promptly after notice, and shall not thereafter be tendered for acceptance unless the former rejection or requirement of correction is disclosed.

  • Unless the Contractor corrects or replaces such goods within the specified delivery schedule, the Purchasing Manager may require the delivery of such goods to be provided at a reduction in price that is equitable under the circumstances.

  • The Purchasing Manager is authorized to waive any irregularity or informality in any quote; provided however, that a quote or amendments thereto which are received after the time specified for the opening of quotes will be neither opened nor considered.

More Definitions of Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Manager means the person filling the office of the Purchasing Agent for the City or the person then acting as such.
Purchasing Manager means the person identified on the cover of this ITB who has been designated by the Agency to manage this ITB.
Purchasing Manager means the Purchasing Manager of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.
Purchasing Manager means the person duly authorized to enter into and administer contracts and make written determinations to the Finance Director respectively. The term also includes an authorized designee acting within the limits of authority.
Purchasing Manager means the City’s Manager of Supply & Processes or his designate;
Purchasing Manager means the city administrator or designee.