Protector definition

Protector means a utility-owned electrical device located in the central office, at a customer’s premises or anywhere along any telephone facilities which protects both the telephone utility’s and the customer’s property and facilities from over-voltage and over-current by shunting such excessive voltage and currents to ground.
Protector means a person appointed in an animal trust to enforce the trust on behalf of the animal or, if no such person is appointed in the trust, a person appointed by the court for that purpose.
Protector or "fish and game protector" means the Chief of the

Examples of Protector in a sentence

  • Mattress Protector Mattress protector fee will be refunded if returned unused.

  • You further understand and acknowledge that, upon transfer from your Brokerage Account, the funds will no longer be provided protection under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) or the Securities Investor Protector Corporation (“SIPC”).

  • Bottle 8LTC37K $13.50 $21.99 $13.99 FloorLiner™ and FloorMat Protector, 18 oz.

  • We will cover the repair or replacement cost of Covered Equipment that experiences a mechanical or electrical breakdown from the failure of the Meter-Base Protector due to surge-related conditions.

  • During the term of coverage, Administrator will make the determination to repair or replace the Meter-Base Protector and the Grounding Wire.

More Definitions of Protector

Protector in relation to a trust means a person who is the holder of a power which when invoked is capable of directing a trustee in matters relating to the trust and in respect of which matters the trustee has discretion and includes a person who is the holder of a power of appointment or dismissal of trustees;
Protector means a person named in or appointed under the terms of a trust as the person whose consent is required before the trustee may exercise a power or a discretion;
Protector or "fish and game protector" means the Chief of the Bureau of Law Enforcement in the division;
Protector means a person appointed in an animal trust to enforce
Protector means an agency under contract with the department acting with or without court appointment to provide guidance, service, and encouragement in the development of maximum self-reliance to an individual with mental retardation or developmental disabilities, independent of any determination of incompetency.
Protector means any public officer or other person who is appointed or authorised by the Director-General under section 3(3) to exercise the powers and perform the duties of a protector under this Act;
Protector means the Director General of Social Welfare; the Deputy Director General; a Divisional Director of Social Welfare; Department of Social Welfare; the State Director of Social Welfare of each of the States; any Social Welfare Officer appointed under section 8 of Act 611.