Machinist definition

Machinist means an employee who performs by sewing machine any operation in the making of clothing;
Machinist means an employee who cuts out and fits uniforms or dresses to measure or pattern.
Machinist means an employee able to follow worksheet instructions and capable of using an overlocker, blind stitcher, spot tacker or straight sewing machines.

Examples of Machinist in a sentence

  • Machinist; Automotive Technicians; Electrician; Heavy Equipment Technician Entry, 1, & 2; Transportation Maintenance Specialist 1 & 2; Transportation Maintenance Coordinator 1 & 2 and Transportation Operations Specialist or their successor classifications.

  • The wages per week for a junior employee shall be the percentage shown in paragraph (b) hereof, of the total rate for a Machinist.

  • The job evaluation program shall apply to all hourly paid employees in the B.C. Northern Interior Sawmill industry except those categories listed below: Planermill Maintenance Technician I and II Millwright Machinist Blacksmith Welder Pipefitter - including Sprinklerman Mechanics Electrician Painter Carpenter Bricklayer Steamfitter Boilermaker Saw Filers, Fitters, Benchmen and helpers Engineers (Boiler House) Firemen (Boiler House) Grinderman Oiler and Improvers and Helpers to the above trades.

  • Auto Machinist Apprentice, Electrician Constructor Apprentice, Lineman Apprentice.

  • Examples: Lab Assistant, Mechanic, Carpenter, Machinist, Skilled Tradesperson.

More Definitions of Machinist

Machinist means a person employed to perform machinist tasks which include the
Machinist means a masonry, etc. employee who operates a machine for the sawing, gritting, dressing, facing or polishing of all kinds of stone, composition or reconstituted stone, terrazzo or similar compositions.
Machinist means an employee who performs any operation by sewing and/or linking and/or cuff seaming machines and/or mechanical stapling machines and includes the operation of a mechanical and/or hydraulic cutting press in the glove making section and a tailor;
Machinist means a person employed to perform machinist tasks which include the ability to operate a lathe, planer, shader, threading machine and wheel press. A person holding this class title also should have the ability to work from blueprints and drawings;
Machinist means a person employed to perform
Machinist means personnel employed to perform