Prospective Client definition

Prospective Client means any person or entity to which the Corporation, or any of its Subsidiaries, provided, or from which the Corporation, or any of its Subsidiaries received, a proposal, bid, or written inquiry (general advertising or promotional materials and mass mailings excepted) and with which the Participant had contact, or about which the Participant had access to Confidential Information, during the last twelve (12) months of his or her employment.
Prospective Client means any client: (A) with which Fiserv was in active business discussions or negotiations at any time during any part of your employment with Fiserv, or after the termination of your employment, during any part of the 24 months preceding the termination of your employment with Fiserv, in which you participated or for which you directly performed services or for which you supervised others in performing services with Fiserv; or (B) about which you have Confidential Information as a result of your employment with Fiserv.
Prospective Client means any person, firm, corporation, or other organization whatsoever with whom the Company, its Affiliates and/or their predecessors had any negotiations or discussions regarding the possible performance of services by the Company or any of its Affiliates or any of their predecessors within the twelve months prior to the date of the Participant’s termination of employment with the Constituent Companies.

Examples of Prospective Client in a sentence

  • While there is no geographic restraint, Employee understands and acknowledges that the restriction prohibiting solicitation of any Enfusion Client or Prospective Client is limited to those Clients or Prospective Clients with whom Employee worked, to whom Employee marketed or sold services or products, or about whom Employee received Confidential Information, as such would give Employee an unfair competitive advantage.

  • Employee agrees this restriction is necessary and reasonable, without regard to geographic constraint, based upon the Employee’s knowledge and/or interaction with the Client or Prospective Client and to protect Enfusion’s legitimate interest in protecting its business relationships.

More Definitions of Prospective Client

Prospective Client means any individual or enterprise who is not a Client but with whom the Company was in active business discussions or negotiations at any time during either (i) the date the Employee engages in an act described in Section 5(b)(ii)(B) or (ii) the 12-month period preceding the termination of the Employee’s employment with the Company for any reason and in each case whose identity became known to the Employee in connection with the Employee’s relationship with or employment by the Company.
Prospective Client means any person, firm, company or other organisation engaged in substantive negotiations (which have not yet finally been concluded) with the Company or with any other company in the Group in the 12 month period up to the date your employment terminates for the supply of services by the Company or any other company in the Group in relation to the Business.
Prospective Client means those Persons (X) that the Company is actively soliciting or is planning to solicit; and (Y) with whom Executive has met or with respect to which Executive has obtained Confidential Information in the course of or as a result of his performance of his duties to the Company.
Prospective Client means any entity that is not a Client but with respect to whom, within 1 year before your termination or resignation, you (I) conducted, prepared or submitted, or assisted in conducting, preparing or submitting, any proposal or client development or marketing efforts on behalf of BearingPoint (which includes any subsidiary of BearingPoint throughout this definition), or a related or affiliated entity, or (II) had contact with, knowledge of, or access to Proprietary Information or other information concerning the prospective client, in connection with your BearingPoint employment.
Prospective Client means any identified person, entity, or business concern that, as of the date hereof or as of the date of the termination of Employee’s employment for any or no reason (or, if applicable, as of the time prior thereto when Employee seeks to engage in any activity prohibited by this Agreement): (i) the Corporation has spent time and resources courting or developing as a potential user of the Corporation’s or its Subsidiary’s Competitive Products or Services as evidenced by internal company documents and records (including e-mail); or (ii) has entered into specific discussions with the Corporation regarding the Corporation or any Subsidiary potentially providing its services or products to the person, entity, or business concern.
Prospective Client means any individual or entity (i) for whom/which the Company has made a bid or proposal to provide goods or services and (ii) with whom/which Executive had contact on behalf of the Company, or about whom/which Executive acquired non-public or proprietary information as a result of his/her employment with the Company, in the case of both (i) and (ii), above, during the twelve (12) month period immediately prior to the end of Executive’s employment with the Company.