Project Investor definition

Project Investor means any party to any Host Government Agreement other than a State.
Project Investor or “Project Investors” means any and all Persons or successors in interest thereof (a) lending money, extending credit or providing loan guarantees (whether directly to Seller or to an Affiliate of Seller) as follows: (i) for the construction, interim or permanent financing or refinancing of the Project; (ii) for working capital or other ordinary business requirements of the Project (including the maintenance, repair, replacement or improvement of the Project); (iii) for any development financing, bridge financing, credit support, credit enhancement or interest rate protection in connection with the Project; (iv) for any capital improvement or replacement related to the Project; or (v) for the purchase of the Project and the related rights from Seller; or (b) participating (directly or indirectly) as an equity investor (including a Tax Equity Investor) in the Project; or (c) any lessor under a lease finance arrangement relating to the Project.

Examples of Project Investor in a sentence

If any Tax is imposed on the profit of a Project Investor or Contractor for a Calendar Year or a harmonised Fiscal Year with respect to Project Activities, such Tax shall be limited to the profits of such Project Investor or Contractor which is attributable to such Project Activities in each State for such Calendar Year or harmonised Fiscal Year.

Each State shall co-operate in supporting all financing efforts by Project Investors within the framework of Project Activities, including, upon the reasonable request of any Project Investor, confirming or repeating in writing to any financial institution, multilateral lending agency or export credit agency of any representation, warranty, guaranty, agreement or undertaking contained in any Host Government Agreement or any Project Agreement entered into by such State.

Except as otherwise provided under the relevant Host Government Agreement for particular Project Activities, and without limiting the express terms thereof, no Project Investor, Interest Holder or Shipper, with respect to all or any part of such Project Activities shall be subject to any Taxes levied on the asset value, equity value or stated capital of the entity or Permanent Establishment located or domiciled in the host State.

Each Project Investor undertakes to keep [within the territory of the State], for a period of [*] Years after the end of the financial period to which they relate, copies of books of account, originals or copies of contracts and copies of other files and records reasonably necessary to the Project Activities.

The Parties further acknowledge that the Project Investors shall have the right, upon reasonable written notice to the Host Government, to remove, substitute or discontinue the use of one or more specified Project Investor Representative(s).