Measurement Point definition

Measurement Point means the Measurement Device that the Parties have agreed in writing will measure the volume of Product moving through the Individual System.
Measurement Point means the emission source for which continuous emission measurement systems (CEMS) are used for emission measurement, or the cross-section of a pipeline system for which the CO2 flow is determined using continuous measurement systems;
Measurement Point means the point where the flanges connect the Seller’s sales measuring equipment to the Buyer’s Pipeline;

Examples of Measurement Point in a sentence

  • The Value shall not be reduced for the costs of any operations downstream of the Measurement Point.

More Definitions of Measurement Point

Measurement Point means the inlet flange of Gatherer's meter located at the screw compressor applicable to each Delivery Point or other meter as designated by the Parties.
Measurement Point means the location specified in the approved Development Plan within or outside of the Contract Area where the Petroleum is metered and delivered to the Minister and Contractor.
Measurement Point means the place(s) at which volumes and qualities of Crude Oil pumped out, received, transmitted or delivered shall be measured, such as the Production Measurement Point and Delivery Measurement Point.
Measurement Point means a location or locations in the vicinity or at the connection point;
Measurement Point means any point designated as such pursuant to Clause 28.2 [Measurement Points].
Measurement Point means the location specified in an approved Development Plan where the Petroleum is metered and delivered to the Parties.