Exploration definition

Exploration means searching for deposits of polymetallic sulphides in the Area with exclusive rights, the analysis of such deposits, the use and testing of recovery systems and equipment, processing facilities and transportation systems, and the carrying out of studies of the environmental, technical, economic, commercial and other appropriate factors that must be taken into account in exploitation;
Exploration means all activities directed toward ascertaining the existence, location, quantity, quality or commercial value of deposits of Products.
Exploration means all activities directed toward ascertaining the existence, location, quantity, quality or commercial value of deposits of Products, including but not limited to additional drilling required after discovery of potentially commercial mineralization, and including related Environmental Compliance.

Examples of Exploration in a sentence

Petroleum Exploration and production Rights: Allocation Strategies and Design Issues.

Petroleum Act, 2015The Petroleum Act32 repealed and replaced the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act of 1980.

Exploration costs include value- added taxes incurred in foreign jurisdictions when recoverability of those taxes is uncertain.

Committee recommends Council approve the Proposed Agreement for Professional Services from SEH for Geotechnical Exploration and Engineering for Arrowhead Park in the amount of $54,650 using 2018 CIP Funds.

Exploration costs are charged to operations in the period incurred, until such time as the Company determines that a property is technically feasible and commercially viable, where after development costs are capitalized.

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Exploration means the excavation of limited amounts of any mineral to determine the location, quantity, or quality of the mineral deposit.
Exploration or “prospecting” means the search for minerals by geological, geophysical, geo- chemical or other techniques, including, but not limited to, sampling, assaying, drilling, or any surface or underground works needed to determine the type, extent, or quantity of minerals present.
Exploration means the prospecting, mapping, geophysics, compilation, diamond drilling and other work involved in searching for ore bodies.
Exploration means searching or prospecting for mineral resources by geological, geochemical and/or geophysical surveys, remote sensing, test pitting, trenching, drilling, shaft sinking, tunneling or any other means for the purpose of determining their existence, extent, quality and quantity and the feasibility of mining them for profit.
Exploration means the act of searching for or investigating a construction materials deposit. "Exploration" includes, but is not limited to, sinking shafts, tunneling, drilling core and bore holes, and digging pits, cuts, or other works for the purpose of extracting samples prior to the commencement of development or extraction, and the building of roads, access ways, and other facilities related to such work. "Exploration" does not include:
Exploration means an activity or group of activities using direct methods, including the drilling of Wells, aimed at the identification, discovery and appraisal of Hydrocarbons in the Subsoil in the Contract Area.
Exploration or "Exploration Operations" means operations which shall include but not be limited to such geological, geophysical, and other surveys and any interpretation of data relating thereto, and the drilling of such shot holes, core holes, stratigraphic tests, Exploration Wells for the Discovery of Petroleum, Appraisal of Discoveries and other related operations.