Exploration definition

Exploration means all activities directed toward ascertaining the existence, location, quantity, quality or commercial value of deposits of Products.
Exploration means searching for deposits of polymetallic sulphides in the Area with exclusive rights, the analysis of such deposits, the use and testing of recovery systems and equipment, processing facilities and transportation systems, and the carrying out of studies of the environmental, technical, economic, commercial and other appropriate factors that must be taken into account in exploitation;
Exploration means all activities directed toward ascertaining the existence, location, quantity, quality or commercial value of deposits of Products, including but not limited to additional drilling required after discovery of potentially commercial mineralization, and including related Environmental Compliance.

Examples of Exploration in a sentence

  • ANNEX XI - MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR TECHNICAL, ECONOMIC, FINANCIAL AND LEGAL QUALIFICATION OF THE COMPANY FOR EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION OF NON-CONVENTIONAL RESOURCES General Instructions The qualification of the companies for Exploration and Production of Non-Conventional Resources will be made by ANP based on the Tender Protocol most recently approved by the Executive Board of ANP containing rules on qualification for Exploration and Production of Unconventional Resources.

  • For the technical qualification, the company should submit to ANP the Technical Summary 04 referring to the experience of the very concessionaire or, alternatively, services providers hired for the Exploration and Production of Non-Conventional Resources.

  • Exploration at the Hidden Lake Project, Northwest TerritoriesIn May 2018, the Company announced it had mobilized a drill rig to its Hidden Lake Project targeting high-grade lithium-bearing pegmatites with an initial minimum 1,100 metre diamond drilling campaign.

  • Atmos Energy Kansas Securitization I, LLC Atmos Energy Louisiana Industrial Gas, LLC Atmos Energy Services, LLC Atmos Exploration and Production, Inc.

  • The agreement also entitles the owner to a permanent 2% NSR.Prior to acquiring the 100% interest, during prior fiscal years, the Company had the following option agreements which are now superseded:During the year ended March 31, 2015, the Company entered into an option agreement with Redline Minerals Inc., Redline Mining Corporation and Southwest Land & Exploration Inc.

More Definitions of Exploration

Exploration means the prospecting, mapping, geophysics, compilation, diamond drilling and other work involved in searching for ore bodies.
Exploration or “Exploration Operations” means any or all operations carried out pursuant to an Exploration Plan including, but not be limited to, geological, geophysical, aerial and other surveys and any processing and interpretation of data relating thereto; the drilling of such shot holes, core holes, stratigraphic tests, holes for the exploration of Petroleum and other related holes and xxxxx; production testing; PVT; core analyses; velocity surveys; and the purchase or acquisition of such supplies, materials and equipment thereof all as may be contained in approved Work Programs and Budgets.
Exploration means the assessment of potential storage complexes for the purposes of geologically storing CO2 by means of activities intruding into the subsurface such as drilling to obtain geological information about strata in the potential storage complex and, as appropriate, carrying out injection tests in order to characterise the storage site
Exploration means any activity for which the principal purpose is to define, characterize, test for or evaluate oil or gas resources for possible commercial development or production.
Exploration means the act of searching for or investigating a construction materials deposit. "Exploration" includes, but is not limited to, sinking shafts, tunneling, drilling core and bore holes, and digging pits, cuts, or other works for the purpose of extracting samples prior to the commencement of development or extraction, and the building of roads, access ways, and other facilities related to such work. "Exploration" does not include:
Exploration means the examination and investigation of undeveloped land to determine the existence of subsurface nonrenewable resources;
Exploration means the excavation of limited amounts of any mineral to determine the location, quantity, or quality of the mineral deposit.