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Priced. Bloomberg filed with the Commission on December 1, 2016 pursuant to Rule 497(a) (as a Rule 482ad).
Priced. Bloomberg filed with the Commission on August 7, 2017 pursuant to Rule 497(a) (as a Rule 482ad).
Priced here means offered into the market above $0.

Examples of Priced in a sentence

In case of any unscheduled holiday or Bandh on the Priced Bid Opening Date, the Bids will be opened on the next working day.

The Technical Bid is to be submitted as per Terms of Reference/Technical Specifications of the bid document and Priced Bid as per the Price Schedule.

Copy of Price Schedule/ Schedule of Rate (SOR) with prices blanked out but mentioning “Quoted” / “Not Quoted” (as applicable) written against each item, in support of having submitted prices in the Priced Bid/SOR strictly in the format provided in the Tender Document.

Therefore, bidders are requested to upload & submit all documents (Technical/Un-Priced Bid and Priced Bid) well in advance and refrain from submitting their bid at the last moment.

The tender to be prepared by the tenderer shall comprise: the Form of Tender and Appendix thereto, a Tender Surety, the Priced Bills of Quantities and Schedules, the information on eligibility and qualification, and any other materials required to be completed and submitted in accordance with the Instructions to Tenderers embodied in these tender documents.

Where a Unit Priced Bid is specified, each bid shall be submitted upon the prescribed form(s).

The OIL will evaluate and compare the bids as per Priced Bid Format of the bidding documents.

To establish Bidder’s their eligibility, Bidders shall complete the Tender Form (Techno Commercial Un-Priced Bid & Priced Bid), included in Section-IX, Bidding Forms.

The Priced Bid (i.e. Part II – Price Bid, refer ITB for details) to be uploaded using Link “Step-3: SOR Attachments” and NOT using link “TECHNICAL DOCUMENT”.

GAIL shall not be responsible for any failure on the part of the bidder in submission of Priced Bid.

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Priced the participation interest in the Bank Loan and not merely the Bank Loan itself; (iv) solely for purposes of the definition of Portfolio Limitations, Unquoted Investments which are High Yield Bonds or Mezzanine Investments and are part of an issue that is greater or equal to $40 million in original principal amount; or (v) solely for purposes of the definition of Portfolio Limitations, Unquoted Investments which are High Yield Bonds that are held by ten or more holders or the issuer thereof has a total capitalization in excess of $150.0 million.
Priced. Bloomberg filed with the Commission on May 26, 2021 pursuant to Rule 497(a) (as a Rule 482ad).
Priced means that a carbon price is assigned to the economic sector from which these emissions are produced under the NZ ETS or other carbon pricing mechanisms.

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Price means the Price payable (plus any GST where applicable) for the Goods as agreed between the Supplier and the Client in accordance with clause 5 below.
Prices means the agreed Price(s) for the Goods/Services to be purchased from the Supplier/Service Provider by Transnet, as detailed in the Schedule of Requirements, issued in accordance with this Agreement, as amended by mutual agreement between the Parties and in accordance with the terms and conditions in this Agreement from time to time;
Discounted Market Price of Shares means, if the Shares are listed only on the TSX Venture Exchange, the Market Price less the maximum discount permitted under the TSX Policy applicable to Options.
Wholesale Price or "WSP" shall mean the greater of (i) the first published price of the Licensed Product offered to retailers by Publisher as evidenced by a sell sheet or price list issued by Publisher, or (ii) the actual price paid by retailers upon the first commercial shipment of a Licensed Product without offsets, rebates or deductions from invoices of any kind.
the Price means the price payable to the Supplier under the Contract for the full and proper performance of its contractual obligations.
Offering Price Investment Company," "Open-End Investment Company," "Assignment," "Principal Underwriter," "Interested Person," "Parents," and "Majority of the Outstanding Voting Securities," shall have the meanings set forth in the 1933 Act and the 1940 Act, as applicable, and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.
Pricing means the date of determination by TCI and the Underwriters of the public offering price of the shares of TCI Stock in the IPO; the parties hereto contemplate that the Pricing shall take place on the Closing Date.
Fair Market Price means the average value at the relevant time and place (of the requirement to determine the Fair Market Price) to be derived from the average of three independent broker valuations by a broker appointed by Grain Trade Australia, with the valuations to take into account the Grade and variety and taking into account the cost of insurance, levies, taxes, charges, Freight and associated costs.
Market Price as of any date, (i) means the average of the last reported sale prices for the shares of Common Stock on the OTCBB for the five (5) Trading Days immediately preceding such date as reported by Bloomberg, or (ii) if the OTCBB is not the principal trading market for the shares of Common Stock, the average of the last reported sale prices on the principal trading market for the Common Stock during the same period as reported by Bloomberg, or (iii) if market value cannot be calculated as of such date on any of the foregoing bases, the Market Price shall be the fair market value as reasonably determined in good faith by (a) the Board of Directors of the Company or, at the option of a majority-in-interest of the holders of the outstanding Warrants by (b) an independent investment bank of nationally recognized standing in the valuation of businesses similar to the business of the corporation. The manner of determining the Market Price of the Common Stock set forth in the foregoing definition shall apply with respect to any other security in respect of which a determination as to market value must be made hereunder.
Public Offering Price means the price per Share of the Fund at which NLD or selected dealers or selected agents may sell Shares to the public or to those persons eligible to invest in Shares as described in the Prospectus of the Funds, determined in accordance with such Prospectus under the Securities Act relating to such Shares.
Initial Public Offering Price means the price to the public of the DocuNet Common Stock sold in the Initial Public Offering.
Auction Final Price means the relevant auction final price that may be published by ISDA or any administrator of any auction coordinated by ISDA from time to time and that would be applicable to the senior, unsecured debt obligations issued or guaranteed by the relevant
Firm price means the price that is only subject to adjustments in accordance with the actual increase or decrease resulting from the change, imposition, or abolition of customs or excise duty and any other duty, levy, or tax, which, in terms of the law or regulation, is binding on the contractor and demonstrably has an influence on the price of any supplies, or the rendering costs of any service, for the execution of the contract;
Underlying Reference Closing Price Value means, in respect of a SPS Valuation Date, the Closing Level in respect of such day.
IPO Price means the initial public offering price of a REIT Share in the IPO.
Strip Price means, at any time, (a) for the remainder of the then-current calendar year, the average NYMEX Pricing for the remaining months in such calendar year, (b) for each of the succeeding three complete calendar years, the average NYMEX Pricing for the twelve months in each such calendar year, and (c) for the succeeding fourth complete calendar year and each calendar year thereafter, the average NYMEX pricing for the twelve months in such fourth calendar year.
Market prices means current prices that are established in the course of ordinary trade between buyers and sellers free to bargain and that can be substantiated through competition or from sources independent of the offerors.
Closing Sale Price means, for any security as of any date, (i) the last closing trade price for such security on the Principal Market, as reported by Nasdaq, or, if the Principal Market begins to operate on an extended hours basis and does not designate the closing trade price, then the last trade price of such security prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, as reported by Nasdaq, or (ii) if the foregoing does not apply, the last trade price of such security in the over-the-counter market for such security as reported by Nasdaq, or (iii) if no last trade price is reported for such security by Nasdaq, the average of the bid and ask prices of any market makers for such security as reported by the OTC Markets. If the Closing Sale Price cannot be calculated for a security on a particular date on any of the foregoing bases, the Closing Sale Price of such security on such date shall be the fair market value as mutually determined by the Company and the Holder. All such determinations to be appropriately adjusted for any stock dividend, stock split, stock combination or other similar transaction during the applicable calculation period.
Supply Price shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.1.
Level V Pricing applies at any date if, at such date, no other Pricing Level applies.
Current Market Price shall have the meaning set forth in Section 11(d) hereof.
Tender Price means the amount stipulated by the Tenderer in the space provided therefor in the Form of Tender, including all applicable taxes, which price, for greater certainty, is the Tenderer’s proposed Contract Price to complete all of the Work; and
bid means a written offer in a prescribed or stipulated form in response to an invitation by an organ of state for the provision of goods or services, through price quotations, advertised competitive bidding processes or proposals;
Catalog price means a price included in a catalog, price list, schedule, or other form that is regularly maintained by the manufacturer or vendor, is either published or otherwise available for inspection by customers, and states prices at which sales are currently, or were last, made to a significant number of buyers constituting the general public; and
Average Wholesale Price or “AWP” means the wholesale price charged on a specific commodity that is assigned by the drug manufacturer and is listed in a nationally-recognized drug pricing file.
SAFE Price means the price per share equal to the Valuation Cap divided by the Company Capitalization.