Definition of Power Purchasers

Power Purchasers means the parties to the Power Purchase Agreements as defined in the Agreement for Lease.
Sample 1

Examples of Power Purchasers in a sentence

In Examples 1 and 2, PPT = Power Purchaser's annualized estimate of the quantity of Specification Coal to be delivered by Seller to the Point of Delivery during the applicable Incentive Period.
If the award 28 by a court of law or equity or by an arbitrator requires CMEEC to refund any disputed payment made by the Replacement Contract Power Purchaser, then CMEEC shall pay interest on such refunded amount in accordance with Sub-section 9.1 herein for the period commencing on the date of the Replacement Contract Power Purchaser's payment of such disputed amount until the date of the refund payment by CMEEC.
Notice of such demand shall be provided to the other Power Purchasers by CMEEC.
Each Company represents and warrants to RES that the Energy, Capacity and Ancillary Services marketed by RES under this Agreement shall be delivered to Power Purchasers in accordance with all applicable Laws, and that Power Purchasers will obtain good title to the Energy, Capacity and Ancillary Services marketed by RES under this Agreement, free and clear of all liens, claims and encumbrances of any nature whatsoever.
Each Contribution Invoice shall include supporting materials reasonably satisfactory to the Class A Equity Investors evidencing the following information for the Fiscal Quarter or applicable portion thereof: the Eligible Energy Production, the total number of kWhs produced by the Wind Turbines and sold by the Project Companies to Acceptable Power Purchasers, and the number of Wind Turbines and Eligible Wind Turbines.