Transmission Operator definition

Transmission Operator means the entity responsible for the reliability of its “localTransmission System, and that operates or directs the operations of the Transmission Facilities.
Transmission Operator means ISO-NE acting in its capacity pursuant to the Transmission Operating Agreement.

Examples of Transmission Operator in a sentence

  • A shift employee who, under the direct or indirect supervisIOn of a Senior Gas Transmission Operator, operates, monitors and services auxiliary equipment, operates compressor units as assigned, reads and logs figures from various meters and gauges, performs minor maintenance work and is required to do necessary cleaning.

  • Shall have qualifications to direct and supervise the work of the Gas Transmission Operator.

  • Project partnersThis project will be managed by three separate Transmission Operator (TO) across Great Britain.

More Definitions of Transmission Operator

Transmission Operator means DEWA in its capacity as operator of the Transmission System; and
Transmission Operator means the operator of a transmission or other pipeline through which Gas is delivered to any Receipt Point.
Transmission Operator means PJM or any Transmission Provider, independent system operator, regional transmission operator or other transmission operator from time to time having authority to control the transmission control area to which the Facility is interconnected.
Transmission Operator means the owner of the transmission pipeline located upstream of the Receipt Points.
Transmission Operator means the entity responsible for the
Transmission Operator means the person, or persons, designated by the Owners who coordinate the day-to-day interconnection of the Homer City Station with the Transmission Systems.