Additional Purchasers definition

Additional Purchasers means purchasers of Additional Notes.
Additional Purchasers has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2 hereof.
Additional Purchasers shall have the meaning set forth in Section 1(b)(i).

Examples of Additional Purchasers in a sentence

  • The State of Vermont and its officers and employees shall have no responsibility or liability for Additional Purchasers.

  • State Purchasers and Additional Purchasers are also referred to herein as a “Purchasing Entity” or “Purchasing Entities”.

  • Each Purchaser’s obligation to purchase and pay for the Notes to be sold to such Purchaser at the Closing (or in the case of Additional Notes, the Additional Purchasers’ obligations under a Supplement and the closing referenced therein) is subject to the fulfillment to such Purchaser’s (or Additional Purchasers, as the case may be) satisfaction, prior to or at the Closing, of the applicable conditions set forth in this Section 4.

More Definitions of Additional Purchasers

Additional Purchasers has the meaning set forth in Section 1.1(b) of this Agreement.
Additional Purchasers shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 2.1(c).
Additional Purchasers has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Additional Purchasers means the purchasers of any Additional Notes identified on Schedule A to the Supplement with respect thereto.
Additional Purchasers shall be such Persons, who shall be reasonably acceptable to the Company and Sentinel, who execute and deliver to the Company a counterpart of this Agreement, a joinder to the Stockholders Agreement and a joinder to the Registration Agreement, and purchase Subsequent B Shares and Subsequent Notes on the Subsequent Closing Date. Each Additional Purchaser shall purchase such number of Subsequent B Shares and a Subsequent Note in such principal amount as agreed to by such Additional Purchaser and Sentinel. Sentinel shall purchase all Subsequent B Shares which the Additional Purchasers, if any, do not purchase. Sentinel shall purchase a Subsequent Note having a principal amount equal to $336,000 minus the aggregate principal amount of the Subsequent Notes, if any, purchased by the Additional Purchasers, if any. Each Additional Purchaser shall be deemed a "Purchaser" hereunder. The respective amounts of Subsequent B Shares and Subsequent Notes purchased by Sentinel and each Additional Purchaser, if any, shall be set forth on a Schedule of Subsequent Purchase and shall be attached hereto on the Subsequent Closing Date.
Additional Purchasers shall also include certain Purchasers holding certain previously issued convertible promissory notes with an aggregate principal amount of $30.3 million who may, in their sole discretion, convert such notes at 90% of the purchase price set forth in Section 1.1 above, in an amount that corresponds with the principal amount of such convertible promissory notes plus accrued interest, provided that such note holders exercise such conversion right within 45 days after the Initial Closing. Schedule I to this Agreement shall be updated to reflect the number of Additional Shares purchased at each such Closing and the parties purchasing such Additional Shares. As used herein, the termTransaction Agreements” shall mean this Agreement, the LLC Agreement, the Investor Rights Agreement, the Registration Rights Agreement, and each other agreement, certificate or document executed and delivered by the Company or any Purchaser at a Closing.
Additional Purchasers means, collectively, the New Parties.