Eligible Individuals Sample Clauses

Eligible Individuals. If an eligible individual, as defined in OAC rule 5160-26-01, contacts the MCP, the MCP shall provide any MCP-specific managed care program information requested. The MCP shall not attempt to assess the eligible individual’s health care needs. However, if the eligible individual inquires about continuing/ transitioning health care services, the MCP shall provide an assurance that all MCPs shall cover all medically necessary Medicaid-covered health care services and assist members with transitioning their health care services.
Eligible Individuals. Subject to the provisions of the Plan and the Trust, each Participant who is an Employee shall have the right, subject to prior approval by the Plan Administrator, to borrow from the Fund. In addition, each “party in interest,” as defined in ERISA Section 3(14), who is (a) a Participant but no longer an Employee, (b) the Beneficiary of a deceased Participant, or (c) an alternate payee of a Participant pursuant to the provisions of a “qualified domestic relations order,” as defined in Code Section 414(p), shall also have the right, subject to prior approval by the Plan Administrator, to borrow from the Fund; provided, however, that loans to such parties in interest may not discriminate in favor of Highly Compensated Employees.
Eligible Individuals. The following shall be eligible to participate in the Plan: [select all that apply – do not list individual names]: x A select group of management or highly-compensated Employees as designated by the Employer in the Summary Plan Description; ¨ Employee Board Members; ¨ Non-Employee Board Members; ¨ Other Service Providers (i.e., independent contractors, consultants, etc.) ¨ Employees or other Service Providers above the following Compensation threshold: [enter dollar amount] $ ; ¨ Employees with the following job titles: [enter job title(s); for example, “Vice President and above”] ¨ Other: [enter description]
Eligible Individuals. Awards may be granted pursuant to the Plan only -------------------- to Persons who are Eligible Individuals at the time of the grant thereof.
Eligible Individuals. All Nonemployee Directors of the Company or a Subsidiary shall be eligible to receive Options under the Plan.
Eligible Individuals. When a marriage, birth, adoption, or placement for adoption occurs, the following individuals are eligible to enroll:
Eligible Individuals. All Directors of the Company shall be eligible to receive Options under the Plan.
Eligible Individuals. (a) Persons eligible for participation in this Policy are (i) executive employees of the Participating Companies who are employed in a salary grade of 22 or higher, and (ii) such other employees of the Participating Companies (not to exceed 12 in number at any given time) designated in writing by Meridian's Chief Executive Officer as Participants; provided, however, that no such person shall be designated who does not appear to qualify as a member of "a select group of management or highly compensated employees" under U.S. Department of Labor Regulations promulgated under ERISA. For purposes of this paragraph, in the event the job classification system is hereafter changed, "salary grade 22" shall be deemed such grade or rank as, in the judgment of the senior Human Resources officer, most nearly approximates the prior "salary grade 22."
Eligible Individuals. This program will be available only to “Eligible Individuals” who shall be defined as students of Institution who meet the following qualifications in addition to all other requirements set forth in the Agreement: international students who come to the United States to study at Institution with the intent to articulate into an academic program at DeVry.