Definition of Postponed Retirement Date

Postponed Retirement Date means the first day of the month coincident with or next following a Participants date of actual retirement which occurs after his Normal Retirement Date.
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Examples of Postponed Retirement Date in a sentence

The date of the Members actual or deemed retirement in accordance with this paragraph shall be his Postponed Retirement Date.
If a Participant dies after his Normal Retirement Date, but prior to his Postponed Retirement Date, his Spouse shall receive the benefit described above.
Retirement Allowances shall be paid on the first day of each month commencing after the Covered Executives Normal Retirement Date, Early Retirement Date or Postponed Retirement Date, as the case may be, and, subject to Section 3.04, ceasing with the 360th monthly payment or, if earlier, the payment made coincident with or immediately preceding the death of the Covered Executive.
Except as provided in Sections 3.2 and 3.3, if a Participant has a Separation from Service on a Normal Retirement Date, an Early Retirement Date, an Early Supplemental Pension Retirement Date, or a Postponed Retirement Date under Section 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3, payment of the Supplemental Pension shall be made to a Participant on his or her benefit start date in the form of a single life annuity payable in equal monthly installments to the Participant for his or her lifetime.
I.31 "Postponed Retirement Date" shall mean the date after his Normal Retirement Date on which a Participant retires with a postponed retirement benefit under the Plan, as determined in accordance with Article V.