Stated Termination Date definition

Stated Termination Date means October 28, 1988 or such later date as shall be determined pursuant to the provisions of Section 2.23 with respect to non-Objecting Lenders.
Stated Termination Date means August 12, 2022, or such later date to which the Stated Termination Date may be extended pursuant to Section 2.18.
Stated Termination Date means July 31, 2002, or such later date, if any as may be agreed to by the Borrowers and the Banks pursuant to Section 2.18.

Examples of Stated Termination Date in a sentence

  • No payment or prepayment premium shall be due on account of any payments or prepayments made on the Stated Termination Date.

  • The term of this Agreement shall end on the Stated Termination Date unless sooner terminated in accordance with the terms hereof.

More Definitions of Stated Termination Date

Stated Termination Date means August 28, 2015, or such later date as may be agreed by each Bank and the Company.
Stated Termination Date means, for any Bank, the earlier of (i) April 23, 2018 or such later day, if any, as may be in effect for such Bank pursuant to Section 2.21 and (ii) if such Bank becomes an Exercising Bank, the Early Maturity Date applicable pursuant to Section 2.22.
Stated Termination Date means September 30, 2011, or such later date as may be extended by mutual agreement of the Bank and the Company.
Stated Termination Date means October 15, 2012, subject to the extension thereof pursuant to Section 2.9; provided, however that the Stated Termination Date for any Lender that is a Non-Consenting Lender to any requested extension pursuant to Section 2.9 shall be the Stated Termination Date in effect immediately prior to the applicable Extension Date for all purposes of this Agreement.
Stated Termination Date means the earlier of either (a) June 30, 2000, or (b) 30 days after the date on which at least 90% of the total Commitments for the Revolving Facility have been funded under Section 2.2.
Stated Termination Date means December 31, 2003. -----------------------
Stated Termination Date means September 28, 2021.