Retires definition

Retires shall refer to the date which the Executive acknowledges in writing to Employer to be the last day the Executive will provide any significant personal services, whether as an employee or independent consultant or contractor, to Employer. For purposes of this Agreement, the phrase "significant personal services" shall mean more than ten (10) hours of personal services rendered to one or more individuals or entities in any thirty (30) day period.

Examples of Retires in a sentence

  • Provided a Participant has ≥4 months of Active Status Service Tenure in the incentive plan year, he/she may remain an eligible plan participant in the plan year in which he/she Retires.

More Definitions of Retires

Retires shall refer to the date which the Director acknowledges in writing to the Bank to be the last day of service as a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank.
Retires or “Retirement” means Grantee’s termination of Service, other than for Cause, from LNC or any Subsidiary either (i) at age 55 or older with at least five (5) years of Service or (ii) at any age with at least seven (7) years of Service as a member of LNC’s Senior Management Committee.
Retires shall, for purposes of the second paragraph of Section 5.2 hereof, refer to the termination of the Executive's employment in accordance with the Company's retirement policy, not including early retirement (except that, on April 15, 2004, and thereafter, the Executive shall be deemed to have satisfied any normal retirement age requirement of that retirement policy), generally applicable from time to time to its salaried employees, or in accordance with any retirement arrangement established with the Executive's consent with respect to the Executive.
Retires refer to the date on which the Officer: (i) attains the age of at least sixty-nine (69); and (ii) terminates full-time salaried employment with the Employer for any reason other than Termination for Cause and such termination constitutes a Separation from Service.
Retires or “Retirement” means a Participant’s Termination of Employment (as defined below, including the special provisions applicable to a Continuing Service Participant) on or after the earliest date on which he or she satisfies any of the following conditions: (i) has attained age 50 and has completed 20 years of service; (ii) has attained age 55 and has completed 10 years of service or (iii) has attained age 65. Whether a Participant Retires or has reached Retirement shall be determined regardless of whether, as of the date of his or her Termination of Employment, the Participant has commenced receipt of his or her Pension from the Prudential Traditional Retirement Plan or any comparable retirement plan sponsored by the Employer or Participating Subsidiary
Retires or "Retirement" shall mean the termination of Board service due to (a) the Non-Employee Director's not being nominated for election to the Board; (b) the Non-Employee Director's not being reelected to Board service after being so nominated; or (c) the Non-Employee Director's resignation from Board service as a result of the director's Disability.
Retires means that a member ceases to be active and is