Retirement Age definition

Retirement Age means the earlier to occur of:
Retirement Age means any age between sixty and seventy years or such age as may be prescribed in the Rules from time to time, which the Participant selects for retirement, in accordance with the provisions of the Rules;
Retirement Age means the time that the Participant is at least age 55 and the sum of the age of the Participant and the Participant’s years of service with the Corporation and/or one of its wholly owned subsidiaries is at least 75.

Examples of Retirement Age in a sentence

  • If you remain employed past your Normal Retirement Age, you may generally defer the receipt of benefits until you actually terminate employment.

  • You will become 100% vested in all of your accounts under the Plan (assuming you are not already fully vested) if you are employed on or after your Normal Retirement Age.

  • You will always, however, be 100% vested in all of your contributions if you are employed on or after your Normal Retirement Age or if you terminate employment on account of your death or as a result of becoming disabled.

  • Notwithstanding Section 3(a), the Participant’s Performance Awards (and any Performance Awards credited as dividend equivalents thereon), to the extent such Performance Awards are not then vested, shall become fully vested upon the Participant attaining Retirement Age.

  • Commencing upon the first day of the second month following Participant’s attainment of Normal Retirement Age and thereafter annually on each successive anniversary of the first payment date.

More Definitions of Retirement Age

Retirement Age means the Executive's sixty-fifth (65) birthday.
Retirement Age means age 65.
Retirement Age means an Employee is at least fifty-five (55) years old and has completed ten (10) years or more of service as an Employee of the Company.
Retirement Age means, unless determined otherwise by the Committee, attainment of the earlier of (i) age 65 with at least five years of employment with a member of the Combined Group and/or its Affiliates or (ii) age 60 with at least 15 years of employment with a member of the Combined Group and/or its Affiliates.
Retirement Age means the later of (i) the Executive's 55th birthday or (ii) the date on which the Executive has completed five (5) continuous years of service with the Company or any of its Affiliates. For purposes of this definition, the Executive is credited with one year of service after completion of each full 12-month period of employment with the Company or its Affiliates (including for this purpose only, Arch Capital Group Ltd or its Affiliates) as determined by the Company.
Retirement Age means, in respect of a worker whose month and year of birth are mentioned in Column 1 of the First Schedule, the date on which the worker attains the age specified in Column 2 of that Schedule;
Retirement Age means the date on which a worker attains the age of 65;