Definition of PCS Services

PCS Services means all wireless communications services using CDMA technology.
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Examples of PCS Services in a sentence

This Section 2.7 shall survive any termination of this Agreement or sale of Equity Securities by Sprint (for so long as the Amended and Restated PCS Services Agreement has not terminated, in which case, this Section 2.7 shall cease to apply).
Neither U S WEST nor any Affiliate thereof (other than the Communications Wireless Business and the business of any Excluded Assets) directly or indirectly engages in the provision in the United States of Cellular Services, ESMR services or PCS Services other than through the Domestic Wireless Business.
If the Option is exercised and the 4 Option Asset Purchase Agreement is executed, the purchase price for the Optional Service Area Assets (including the right to provide Sprint PCS Services to Sprint PCS subscribers in the Optional Service Area at Closing) will be as set forth in the Option Asset Purchase Agreement.
Sprint shall (i) reimburse the Alliances for a pro rata allocated portion of reasonable and documented E-911 costs incurred by the Alliances after the Effective Date related to providing PCS Services to Sprint or Sprint Customers and (ii) subject to commercially reasonable terms, enter into a separate agreement with the vendor supplying the Alliances with E-911 database services, to purchase the required E-911 database services on behalf of Sprint Customers.
The Alliances shall not be responsible for the remittance of any taxes, fees and other charges of Governmental Authorities relating to the use of the Alliances Network for PCS Services by Sprint Customers for PCS Services.