Mechanical device definition

Mechanical device means an apparatus operated by a machine used to take shellfish.
Mechanical device means a clip, comb, crochet hook, curler, curling iron, hairpin, roller, scissors, blunt-tipped needle, thread, and hair binder.
Mechanical device means a clip, comb, crochet hook, curler, curling iron, hairpin,

Examples of Mechanical device in a sentence

  • Mechanical Firestopping Device with Fillers: Mechanical device with incombustible fillers and silicone elastomer, covered with sheet stainless steel jacket, joined with collars, penetration sealed with flanged stops.

  • To lead the Facilities Communications team and ensure the effective internal and external communications, processes, standards and practices across the division.

  • For avoidance of doubt, in this document the generic term Solar PV Unit will be considered equivalent to Small-Scale Solar PV Unit.Switch – Mechanical device capable of making, carrying and breaking currents in normal circuit conditions and, when specified, in given operating overload conditions.

  • Dynamometer brake test fixture Dynamometer fixture or test fixture Mechanical device or jig, to mount the brake assembly under testing, connecting the tailstock (non-rotating side) to the inertia dynamometer shaft (rotating side).

  • Taper Tie Hole Plug: Mechanical device for plugging tie holes; anchors optional flush or recessed grout.

  • Mechanical device used to discharge ground or storm water from around the perimeter of a building foundation.

  • Mechanical device for lowering pipes can be done only in case large size pipes (>160 mm) are used.

  • Mechanical device that physically prevents the transmission, release, or accumulation of energy.

  • Mechanical device shall be used to retrieve personnel from vertical type permit space more than 5' deep.

  • IC 16‐42‐19‐23 Mechanical device for storage or dispensing of drugs; restrictions; inspection of premises(a) As used in this section, ʺmechanical deviceʺ means a machine for storage and dispensing of drugs.

More Definitions of Mechanical device

Mechanical device means clips, combs, curlers, curling irons, hairpins, rollers, scissors, needles, thread, and hair binders; and
Mechanical device means a device used as a means to indicate the time at which a motor vehicle or motor-cycle arrived at a parking place and the fees or charges paid or payable for parking on any of the parking places specified in this Order and as a means to collect fees or charges;
Mechanical device means any machinery or equipment; pump, fan, air- conditioning apparatus, or similar device; radio receiving set, musical instrument, phonograph, television set, or other similar device; motorized landscape equipment, including lawn mowers, shears, leaf blowers or similar equipment; and burglar alarm or other emergency signaling device. Mechanical device does not include vehicles or motor carriers.
Mechanical device means any music vending machine, commonly known as a "juke-box"; any device which is operated for use as a game, entertainment or amusement by the insertion of a coin or token or currency; and any automatic or mechanical pinsetting device used in a bowling alley.
Mechanical device means a hand-truck or cart, a powered industrial truck, a crane or a hoist, a freight elevator, or a conveyor.
Mechanical device means any machinery or equipment; pump, fan, air- conditioning apparatus, or similar device; radio receiving set, musical

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  • Access Device means a card, plate, code, account number, per- sonal identification number, electronic serial number, mobile identi- fication number, or other telecommunications service, equipment, or instrument identifier or means of account access that alone or in conjunction with another device may be used to:

  • Mobile Device means a computing device, typically smaller than a notebook, which runs a mobile operating system, such as iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Mobile Devices include smart phones, most tablets, and other form factors.

  • Device means any instrument or contrivance (other than a firearm) which is designed for trapping, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest or any other form of plant or animal life (other than man and other than bacteria, virus, or other microorganism on or in living man or other living animals); but not including equipment used for the application of pesticides when sold separately therefrom.

  • Solar energy device means a system or series of mechanisms designed primarily to provide heating, to provide cooling, to produce electrical power, to produce mechanical power, to provide solar daylighting or to provide any combination of the foregoing by means of collecting and transferring solar generated energy into such uses either by active or passive means, including wind generator systems that produce electricity. Solar energy systems may also have the capability of storing solar energy for future use. Passive systems shall clearly be designed as a solar energy device, such as a trombe wall, and not merely as a part of a normal structure, such as a window.

  • Fabrication means making up data or results and recording or reporting them.

  • Assistive technology device means any item, piece of equipment or product system that is used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a child with a disability. The term does not include a medical device that is surgically implanted, or the replacement of that device.