Definition of Operator Security Agreement

Operator Security Agreement means each Operator Security Agreement between each Operator and Lender with respect to the Healthcare Facility and any amendments or supplements thereto.

Examples of Operator Security Agreement in a sentence

Operator shall execute and deliver an Operator Security Agreement (Form HUD-92323-ORCF) in accordance with Program Obligations.
At the time of the closing of each Loan, the Master Tenant agrees to execute a Master Tenant Regulatory Agreement and a Master Tenant Security Agreement, and to cause each Operator to execute the applicable Operator Regulatory Agreement and the applicable Operator Security Agreement, and other applicable documents evidencing the Lender's security interest in the collateral of the Master Tenant and each Operator.
Each initially capitalized term used, but not otherwise defined, in this opinion shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in the Operator Security Agreement or Operator Regulatory Agreement (each defined below).
Include this section if the Operator is unrelated to the Borrower and it is otherwise applicable.] A Rider to Operator Security Agreement is attached hereto.
Any Operator (including Borrower) must be approved by HUD and shall execute a Healthcare Regulatory Agreement - Operator (Form HUD-92466A-ORCF) upon such terms as are acceptable to HUD and an Operator Security Agreement (Form HUD-92323-ORCF) and deposit account control agreements in form and substance satisfactory to HUD and Lender.