Licensed Mark definition

Licensed Mark means the mark ALTISOURCE.
Licensed Mark means COMET (including foreign language variations) and CHLORINOL as shown in Exhibit A.
Licensed Mark means the two-word mark "Callaway Golf" in the design set forth in Exhibit "A", or in such design as may be amended and adopted by Callaway Golf in its sole discretion from time to time, and incorporated herein by reference.

Examples of Licensed Mark in a sentence

  • If the review of Licensed Goods has not been completed by the Review Date the Licence shall lapse, and the licensee shall no longer be entitled to place the Licensed Mark on the Certified Goods.

  • These Regulations may from time to time be altered, but no such alterations shall affect the right of any Licensee to use the Licensed Mark unless, or until, three months' notice in writing of such alteration shall have been given to him by Intertek.

More Definitions of Licensed Mark

Licensed Mark xxall have the meaning set forth in Section 1.1.1.
Licensed Mark means such service mark as the Authority may designate from time to time as the service mark under which the communications services to be provided pursuant hereto shall be provided. The Authority shall be the owner of the Licensed Mark and all rights accruing as the result of the use of the Licensed Mark. With respect to the Licensed Mark, the Company as licensee shall enter into any separate written license agreement with the Authority as licensor that the Authority may require from time to time.
Licensed Mark means the mark "Callaxxx Golf Center."
Licensed Mark means: (a) the True Aussie logo set forth under “Trade Mark” in the Licence Application; and (b) any other trade mark registrations and applications for the True Aussie logo in a country within the Territory. Licensee means the applicant described in the Licence Application under the Applicant Details. Licensee Trade Mark means the trade marks described under the Applicant Trade Marks section of the Licence Application. MLA Materials means all information, material or resources made available by MLA to the Licensee during the Term of this Agreement, including graphics, artwork or design of or relating to the True Aussie trade mark and other marketing materials (such as brochures and fact sheets), whether in print (such as in the form of pre- produced stickers or labels, banner) or digital. Product means the product described under the Product Description in the Licence Application. Territory means each country nominated under the Territory section in the Licence Application. 2.
Licensed Mark or "Licensed Marks" shall mean the trademarks BOSS in the Microgramma Typestyle and the stylized B (as set forth on Exhibit A attached hereto) whether used alone or in combination with other words or symbols, with the appearance and/or style of the said trademark in compliance with the provisions of Exhibit A.
Licensed Mark means "Corcoran."