Licensed Application definition

Licensed Application means an Application that (a) meets and complies with all of the Documentation and Program Requirements, and (b) has been selected and digitally signed by Apple for distribution, and includes any additional permitted functionality, content or services provided by You from within an Application using the In-App Purchase API.
Licensed Application means the software and/or database application, including its associated internet user interfaces and structures identified in the first paragraph of each Schedule or addendum to a Schedule (as applicable), or identified elsewhere in the Schedule or addendum as the “Licensed Application.” The term "Licensed Application" shall also include any modifications, updates, enhancements and releases to such application which are made accessible to Licensee.
Licensed Application refers to the Novell Filr application for iOS).

Examples of Licensed Application in a sentence

The ChildPlus name, the ChildPlus logo, the marks of ChildPlus’ licensors, and the product names associated with the Licensed Application are trademarks of ChildPlus or third parties, and no right or license is granted to Licensee to use them.

Viber also offers you the opportunity to become a premium “Viber Out” user, which allows you to call non-Viber users (landlines or mobiles) around the world at such rates as presented herein addition, you are allowing certain incoming calls generated outside the Viber network, by your friends or other people calling your number, to be received by your mobile device or desktop through the Licensed Application (hereinafter: “Viber In”).

For Services hosted at the ChildPlus Data Center, Licensee does not have any rights to physically possess a copy of the Licensed Application.

For the avoidance of doubt and not limiting the generality of the foregoing, Licensee agrees that it shall not provide the Licensed Application or Documentation or access to the Licensed Application or Documentation, to any person or entity that offers or is developing any competing product or service to the Services.

For the avoidance of doubt, Customer shall be responsible for the compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement of all Agencies and Authorized Users who access the Licensed Application pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise receive logins to the Licensed Application from Customer, and any act or omission of an Agency or Authorized User that would be a breach of the Agreement if done by Customer will be deemed a breach of the Agreement by Customer.

More Definitions of Licensed Application

Licensed Application means any application that utilizes the Services and that (i) you own and control or (ii) is listed in your Order.
Licensed Application refers to the NetIQ Cloud Manager mobile Software).
Licensed Application. The software, database, or mobile application, or any API, identified in a Schedule as the “Licensed Application,” including associated internet user interfaces and mobile versions of the Licensed Application, if any. Also included are components, and structures and any modifications, updates, and releases. Licensed Materials The Licensed Application and associated technical and user documentation that Fannie Mae makes available to Licensee. Licensee The party identified as “Licensee” on the Agreement, including on the Master Terms and/or relevant Schedule in any online registration tool. Losses For SF Lenders, this term has the meaning given such term in the Selling Guide. For all other licensees, this term has the meaning given in Appendix A. Marks Fannie Mae’s registered or unregistered trade names, trademarks, logos and service marks. Performance Incident Any error or defect in the Licensed Materials that results in a Licensed Application failing to perform substantially in accordance with its technical and user documentation. Related Parties A party’s affiliates, partners, officers, employees, directors, agents, contractors, representatives, successors or assigns. Schedule Any supplement to the Master Terms that is (a) specific to one or more Licensed Applications or services and (b) incorporated into the Master Terms. The term “Schedule” includes any addendum to the Schedule.
Licensed Application means a software application (including Redistributables) developed by a Developer by use of the Licensed Software. The License-Specific Terms may further define what constitutes a Licensed Application.
Licensed Application refers to the Novell Vibe application for iOS).
Licensed Application refers to the iPrint application for iOS).
Licensed Application means the use of the Patent Rights within the field of prostate cancer therapy.