Acceptance Certificate definition

Acceptance Certificate. (11/18) means a written instrument by which the City notifies Contractor that a Deliverable has been Accepted or Accepted with exceptions, and Acceptance Criteria have been met or waived, in whole or in part.
Acceptance Certificate means certificate issued as per Annexure 1 (Form 6) on successful completion of acceptability test, receipt of deliverables, etc, and after the Bank (which shall not be deemed to be an obligation on the Bank) is satisfied with the working of the System. The date on which such Certificate is signed shall be deemed to be the date of successful Commissioning of the Systems.
Acceptance Certificate means the document signed by both Parties upon successful completion of an Acceptance Test.

Examples of Acceptance Certificate in a sentence

  • Unless otherwise specified, Material(s) shall not be despatched without prior inspection and/or testing and Release Order/Material(s) Acceptance Certificate issued by the Inspector(s).

  • In such cases the Acceptance Certificate will be issued only for those parts of the contract supplies which are accepted.

  • Upon the payment of such liquidated damages by the Contractor, the Project Manager shall issue the Operational Acceptance Certificate for the Facilities or any part thereof in respect of which the liquidated damages have been so paid.

  • The said conformance shall lead to subsequent issuance of the Acceptance Certificate to the Supplier by the Purchaser.

  • The form of the Acceptance Certificate can be found on the Forms page of the Department of General Services’ webpage (

More Definitions of Acceptance Certificate

Acceptance Certificate has the meaning specified in Section 5(a)(v) of the Participation Agreement.
Acceptance Certificate means the certificate substantially in the form of Schedule 1 of the Appendix.
Acceptance Certificate means the certificate to be issued by the Purchaser in accordance with the provisions of article 5 signifying acceptance by the Purchaser of the Equipment and Documentation;
Acceptance Certificate relates to the equipment described in Equipment Schedule C, (the "Equipment"). Lessee has not relied upon and acknowledges that Lessor has made no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the Equipment, including without limitation its condition, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Lessee further acknowledges that Lessor has accepted no responsibility for the transportation, installation or required licensing necessary for the transfer, installation or use of the equipment. Lessee certifies that the Equipment has been delivered to Lessee, has been inspected by Lessee and has been found to be in good order and to satisfy the specifications required by the Lease. Lessee hereby represents and warrants to Lessor that (i) no event of default under Section 25 of the Lease or event which, with the giving of notice or the lapse of time, or both, would become such an event of default has occurred and is continuing, except as disclosed in writing to Lessor, which disclosed event has either been cured by Lessee or concerning which Lessee has provided evidence to Lessor that Lessee is in the process of curing such default and is diligently prosecuting such cure to completion (nothing herein shall constitute a waiver by Lessor of any rights or remedies which it may have under the Lease with respect to any event of default); and (ii) Lessee has obtained, and there are in full force and effect, any insurance policies with respect to the Accepted Equipment required to be obtained under the terms of the Lease. METASYN, INC. Date: 6/28/93 By: /s/ Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx ------------------------------ ------------------------------ Title: CEO ------------------------------ EQUIPMENT SCHEDULE 4-D to Master Lease Agreement Number 8050 Dated December 21, 1992 LESSOR: Dominion Ventures, Inc. LESSEE: Metasyn, Inc. 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx 00 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Suite 4200 Cambridge, MA 02142 Xxx Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 All terms and conditions of the above referenced Master Lease Agreement are hereby expressly incorporated into this Equipment Schedule and made a part hereof as if such terms and conditions were fully set forth herein. By their execution of the Equipment Schedule the parties reaffirm all terms and conditions of the Master Lease Agreement except as they may be modified hereby. This Equipment Schedule shall become effective upon execution on date same is executed by Lessor. TOTAL EQUIPMENT COST OF THIS SCHEDULE: $327,472.37 FUNDING ...
Acceptance Certificate means the certificate of acceptance regarding the Aircraft substantially in the form set out in Schedule 7. Agreement means this agreement made between the Seller and the Buyer as it may from time to time be amended, varied, or supplemented in accordance with the terms hereof, and the Recitals and the Schedules hereto shall form an integral part of this Agreement.
Acceptance Certificate means certificate issued as per Annexure 17 on successful completion of acceptability test, receipt of deliverables, etc, and after the IDBI Bank (which shall not be deemed to be an obligation on the IDBI Bank) is satisfied with the working/ performance/ delivery of Services.
Acceptance Certificate means either an Interim, Substantial Completion or Final Acceptance Certificate issued to the Contractor by the Engineer stating that Supplies and Services presented by the Contractor for testing or inspection have been accepted by the Engineer as satisfying the requirements of the Contract and have passed, where required, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) Final Acceptance, or other inspections, tests or re-tests as required by the Engineer; and in accordance with the Management Plan;