Connection Agreement definition

Connection Agreement means an agreement entered into between a distributor and a person connected to its distribution system that delineates the conditions of the connection and delivery of electricity to or from that connection;
Connection Agreement means any agreement governing the terms of connection of any plant or apparatus to, and/or any agreement for the supply of electricity to the plant or apparatus or for the acceptance of electricity into, and its delivery from, the Company’s electricity distribution Network;
Connection Agreement means an agreement that sets out the terms and conditions (including the National Terms of Connection (NTC)), that you must abide by in order for a Supply Point to be connected to the relevant Distribution Network Operator’s Distribution System;

Examples of Connection Agreement in a sentence

  • Where this provision applies, your Distribution Network Operator has the benefit of, and is entitled to enforce, the provisions of the Connection Agreement by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

  • The Isle of Man Pipeline Connection Agreement relates to the use of the spur pipeline linking the Moffat Distribution System and the west coast of the Isle of Man.

  • The scope of these services and the contractual agreements are incorporated within the Infrastructure Management Agreement and Connection Agreement between HAL and NR.

  • State Public Health Registries through the PHG or Other Registry Connection Agreement.

More Definitions of Connection Agreement

Connection Agreement means in relation to a Service Provider’s Installation the agreement between the Company or the Distribution System Operator and the Service Provider which provides the right for that Service Provider's Installation to be and remain connected to the Transmission System or the Distribution System;
Connection Agreement means an agreement between the TSO and an End User, for the connection of the End User to the Transmission Grid.
Connection Agreement means an agreement between Western Power and one or more controllers in respect of a connection who are not users in respect of the connection under which the controller or controllers agree to comply with the Technical Code and any relevant parts of these regulations;
Connection Agreement means a contract between the relevant system operator and either the power generating facility owner, demand facility owner, distribution system operator or HVDC system owner, which includes the relevant site and specific technical requirements for the power generating facility, demand facility, distribution system, distribution system connection or HVDC system;
Connection Agreement means an agreement between any Person and