Connection Agreement definition

Connection Agreement means an agreement entered into between a distributor and a person connected to its distribution system that delineates the conditions of the connection and delivery of electricity to or from that connection;
Connection Agreement means in relation to a Service Provider’s Installation the agreement between the Company or the Distribution System Operator and the Service Provider which provides the right for that Service Provider's Installation to be and remain connected to the Transmission System or the Distribution System;
Connection Agreement means an agreement between the TSO and an End User, for the connection of the End User to the Transmission Grid.

Examples of Connection Agreement in a sentence

It is not considered appropriate to factor this into the Connection Agreement itself.

Please note that it is now proposed that the word “automatically” be deleted.Clause 5.5Suggest replacing the wording with the following: “At any given time prior the commencement of the construction of Connection Works, the Customer has right to reduce the MEC applicable to this Connection Agreement by issuing a written notice to that effect to the Company and subject to paying the Company an amount of €10.000 per each MW of reduced MEC”.

Under the third bullet point, suggest deleting “in a form satisfactory to the Company” as it adds a subjective element which is irrelevant regarding clear cut obligations such as a payment obligation and an obligation relating to the delivery of a Security (the form of which is clearly addressed under the Connection Agreement).

Clause 4.3 of the Connection Agreement states that – “The Company shall maintain and operate the Transmission System in accordance with the Grid Code and otherwise to a standard equal to Prudent Electricity Utility Practice.” The definition of “Prudent Electricity Utility Practice” is itself qualified by reasonableness.

Our view is that operational status is a Grid Code compliance issue and should therefore be managed under the Grid Code and not under the Connection Agreement via the MEC security mechanism.

More Definitions of Connection Agreement

Connection Agreement means an agreement between Western Power and one or more controllers in respect of a connection who are not users in respect of the connection under which the controller or controllers agree to comply with the Technical Code and any relevant parts of these regulations;
Connection Agreement means any agreement governing the terms of connection of any plant or apparatus to, and/or any agreement for the supply of electricity to the plant or apparatus or for the acceptance of electricity into, and its delivery from, the Company’s electricity distribution Network;
Connection Agreement means the agreement(s) between the Customer and the Relevant System Operator under which the Customer has the right to be, and to stay, connected to the electricity or gas transmission or distribution system in line with the terms and conditions of that agreement.
Connection Agreement means the Interconnection Agreement (Chalk Point), dated as of __________, 2000, between Pepco and Generator.
Connection Agreement means an agreement that sets out the terms and conditions (including the National Terms of Connection (NTC)), that you must abide by in order for a Supply Point to be connected to the relevant Distribution Network Operator’s Distribution System;
Connection Agreement means a contract between the relevant system operator and either the power generating facility owner, demand facility owner, distribution system operator or HVDC system owner, which includes the relevant site and specific technical requirements for the power generating facility, demand facility, distribution system, distribution system connection or HVDC system;
Connection Agreement means any agreement entered into by the