Incentive Policy definition

Incentive Policy means Política de Incentivo no Âmbito do Programa Nacional de HIV/AIDS e Outras Doenças Sexualmente Transmissíveis, the Borrower’s policy detailing guidelines for the provision of cofinancing (out of federal funds) to States, Eligible Municipalities and Eligible CSOs, for the carrying out of HIV/AIDS and STD programs, conditioned by such states, municipalities and CSOs having met specific criteria, including inter alia: (a) HIV/AIDS prevalence, (b) epidemic growth rate, and (c) population coverage pursuant to the provisions of the Incentive Policy Legislation.
Incentive Policy means the terms and conditions applicable to any allowance provided by us to you relating to the Connection Works. “Licence” means the licence granted to us by the Authority to convey gas within the relevant Network area.
Incentive Policy means the policy of the Company set out in a document of the same name and approved by resolution of the Board, as subsequently amended from time to time in accordance with paragraph 19.3 of Article 19, relating to the remuneration and incentivisation of Executive Directors, Senior Executives and executive directors of significant subsidiaries of the Company;

Examples of Incentive Policy in a sentence

  • If yes, attach the Youth Incentive Policy to include: a) criteria to be used to award incentives; b) type(s) of incentive awards to be made available; c) whether WIOA funds will be used and d) the Local Workforce Development Board has internal controls to safeguard cash/gift cards.

  • If yes, attach the Youth Incentive Policy to include: a) criteria to be used to award incentives; b) type(s) of incentive awards to be made available; c) whether WIOA funds will be used and d) whether the Local Workforce Development Board has internal controls to safeguard cash/gift cards.

  • The property on which exemption is given will meet the requirements of the Kansas Constitution and the City of Wichita's Economic Development Incentive Policy.

  • The property on which the exemption is given will meet the requirements of the Kansas Constitution and the City of Wichita's Economic Development Incentive Policy.

  • The Fund Manager may amend these terms and conditions with non-fundamental changes.

  • Describe the Youth Incentive Policy and attach a copy of the most recent local incentive policy and when it was last approved by your LWIB/Youth Committee.

  • Therefore, the Center City Development Office developed the Center City Housing Incentive Policy (CCHIP).

  • In the event of any conflict between this Policy and the Economic Development Incentive Policy, this Policy shall prevail.

  • The promotion of local economic development through special tariffs for categories of commercial and industrial users may be provided on the basis set out in the City’s Economic Incentive Policy.

  • Attachment A Tompkins County Workforce Development Board WIOA YOUTH Incentive Policy PurposeThe purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the use of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds for incentives for youth participating in WIOA activities.

Related to Incentive Policy

  • Long-Term Incentive Plan or “LTIP” means a plan providing compensation intended to motivate performance over a period greater than one financial year. LTIPs do not include option or SAR plans or plans for compensation through shares or units that are subject to restrictions on resale;

  • Annual Incentive Plan means the Cinergy Corp. Annual Incentive Plan or any similar plan or successor to the Annual Incentive Plan.

  • Incentive Plans means any incentive, bonus, deferred compensation or similar plan or arrangement currently or hereafter made available by Employer in which Executive is eligible to participate.

  • Incentive Compensation Plans means annual incentive compensation plans and long-term incentive compensation plans of the Company, which long-term incentive compensation plans may include plans offering stock options, restricted stock and other long-term incentive compensation.

  • Incentive Compensation Plan means any plan, agreement or other arrangement that provides for the grant or issuance of equity or equity-based awards and that is now in effect or is hereafter adopted by the Company or the Managing Member for the benefit of any of their respective employees or other service providers (including directors, advisers and consultants), or the employees or other services providers (including directors, advisers and consultants) of any of their respective Affiliates or Subsidiaries.

  • Long-Term Incentive Award means an Award described in Section 6(g) hereof that is based upon a period in excess of one year.

  • Incentive Compensation means any compensation that is granted, earned or vested based wholly or in part upon the attainment of a Financial Reporting Measure.

  • Company Incentive Plan shall have the meaning assigned to it in Section 1.7 hereof.

  • Bonus Plan means the Company’s management incentive plan or such other annual bonus plan in existence at the applicable time.

  • incentive plan award means compensation awarded, earned, paid, or payable under an incentive plan;

  • Equity Incentive Plans means any equity incentive plans for officers, employees or Directors of the Company.

  • Incentive Plan means any plan providing compensation that depends on achieving certain performance goals or similar conditions within a specified period;

  • Equity Incentive Plan means an incentive plan, or portion of an incentive plan, under which awards are granted and that falls within the scope of IFRS 2 Share-based Payment;

  • STIP means the Company’s short-term incentive plan under Section 8 of the Company’s 2007 Omnibus Incentive Plan, effective May 8, 2007, as may be amended from time to time, or any successor plan, program or arrangement thereto.

  • non-equity incentive plan means an incentive plan or portion of an incentive plan that is not an equity incentive plan;

  • Incentive Pay means an annual amount equal to the aggregate annual bonus, in addition to Base Pay, made or to be made in regard to services rendered in any calendar year or performance period pursuant to any bonus plan of the Company.

  • Management Incentive Plan means the Company’s bonus program, as implemented by the Company’s board of directors from time to time and pursuant to which the Executive may receive incentive-based compensation at fiscal year end.

  • AIP means the Nucor Corporation Senior Officers Annual Incentive Plan and any successor plan.

  • Annual Incentive Award means an Award made subject to attainment of performance goals (as described in Section 14) over a performance period of up to one year (the Company’s fiscal year, unless otherwise specified by the Committee).

  • Performance Compensation Award means any Award designated by the Committee as a Performance Compensation Award pursuant to Section 11 of the Plan.

  • Clawback Eligible Incentive Compensation means all Incentive-based Compensation Received by an Executive Officer (i) on or after the effective date of the applicable Nasdaq rules, (ii) after beginning service as an Executive Officer, (iii) who served as an Executive Officer at any time during the applicable performance period relating to any Incentive-based Compensation (whether or not such Executive Officer is serving at the time the Erroneously Awarded Compensation is required to be repaid to the Company), (iv) while the Company has a class of securities listed on a national securities exchange or a national securities association, and (v) during the applicable Clawback Period (as defined below).

  • Average Incentive Compensation means the average of the annual incentive compensation under Subparagraph 3(a) received by Executive for the three (3) immediately preceding fiscal years or such fewer number of complete fiscal years as Executive may have been employed by the Company. In no event shall “Average Incentive Compensation” include any sign-on bonus, retention bonus or any other special bonus. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Executive breaches any of the provisions contained in Paragraphs 4 and 5 of this Agreement, all payments of the Severance Amount shall immediately cease. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event Executive terminates his employment for Good Reason as provided in Subparagraph 6(e), he shall be entitled to the Severance Amount only if he provides the Notice of Termination provided for in Subparagraph 6(f) within thirty (30) days after the occurrence of the event or events which constitute such Good Reason as specified in clauses (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) of Subparagraph 6(e);

  • Incentive agreement means the contract between the business

  • SIP means Session Initiation Protocol.

  • Incentive Payment means the payment to a STGU, including an AOBC Generation Unit, for RPS class I Renewable Generation Attributes and/or Environmental Attributes produced by these units, calculated pursuant to Section 7.0 below.

  • MIP has the meaning set forth in Section 3(b) of the Agreement.