SIP definition

SIP has the same meaning provided in Section 3(a)(22)(A) of the Exchange Act.

Examples of SIP in a sentence

  • However, that rule revision has not yet been approved by U.S. EPA as a revision to Ohio’s State Implementation Plan (SIP).

  • Therefore, until the SIP revision occurs and the U.S. EPA approves the revisions to OAC rule 3745-31-05, the requirement to satisfy BAT still exists as part of the federally-approved SIP for Ohio.

  • This permit shield is not applicable to any change made under 326 IAC 2-7-20(b)(2) (Sections 502(b)(10) of the Clean Air Act changes) and 326 IAC 2-7-20(c)(2) (trading based on State Implementation Plan (SIP) provisions).

  • Such systems shall be submitted to the U.S. EPA as a SIP revision.

  • However, that rule revision has not yet been submitted to the U.S. EPA as a revision to Ohio's State Implementation Plan (SIP).

More Definitions of SIP

SIP means the stewardship incentives program estab- lished by the act.
SIP means each and all of the Savings and Investment Plan for Employees of Metropolitan Life and Participating Affiliates, the Metropolitan Life Auxiliary Savings and Investment Plan, and the Metropolitan Life Supplemental Auxiliary Savings and Investment Plan (and/or any successor plan(s)).
SIP or “sip” means Session Initiation Protocol, a format for the transmission of data including voice embedded in data. “SIP-aware device” or “sip-aware device” means a communications device capable of communicating utilizing SIP.
SIP means Systematic Investment Plan for investment in mutual fund units as offered by AMCs for various mutual fund schemes launched by them and/or systematic investment in securities.