Bonus Plan definition

Bonus Plan means for each year, the Company’s Management Incentive Compensation Plan or any other Plan adopted by the Board which provides for the payment of additional compensation on an annual basis to senior executive officers contingent upon the Company’s results of operations for that specific year, in either case as such Plan shall be amended or modified to, but not on or after, any Effective Date.
Bonus Plan means the Company's Executive Bonus Plan as amended by the Company from year to year.

Examples of Bonus Plan in a sentence

  • The Management Stock Bonus Plan Committee, composed of not less than three members, administers the Plan.

  • Before these shares are to be issued, the Recipient must deliver to the Committee that administers the Stock Bonus Plan an agreement in duplicate, in the form as Exhibit B hereto.

  • Any bonus or incentive compensation under this Section 2.3 under the Bonus Plan or otherwise is referred to herein as “Incentive Compensation.” Stock-based compensation shall not be considered Incentive Compensation under the terms of this Agreement unless the parties expressly agree otherwise in writing.

  • Any amendments to the Bonus Plan shall require stockholder approval only to the extent required by any applicable law, rule or regulation.

  • Cash bonuses shall be awarded pursuant to the terms of the Company’s Annual Cash Bonus Plan, if one has been adopted by the Board and if not, then by action of the Board.

More Definitions of Bonus Plan

Bonus Plan means a plan of the Company providing for the payment of a cash bonus to Employee.
Bonus Plan has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 4 of this Agreement.
Bonus Plan see Section 2.2(b).
Bonus Plan means the Company’s Executive Incentive Compensation Plan or the Company’s Management Incentive Compensation Plan, as applicable to Executive, or any successor plan thereto.
Bonus Plan means any bonus plan, short term incentive compensation plan or other like benefit plan in which the Executive participates, whether or not awards thereunder are discretionary, including without limitation, the Annual Incentive Compensation Plan as in effect for the fiscal year ending July 31, 2015, as amended.
Bonus Plan means a performance-based bonus plan of the Company (including, without limitation, any Management By Objective Plan of the Company), as established by the Board or the Committee from time to time, pursuant to which Bonus Payments are made from time to time in the manner and under the conditions established by the Board or the Committee.