Incentive Payment definition

Incentive Payment means the payment to a STGU, including an AOBC Generation Unit, for RPS class I Renewable Generation Attributes and/or Environmental Attributes produced by these units, calculated pursuant to Section 7.0 below.
Incentive Payment means payment made by a utility to an energy efficiency service provider under an energy-efficiency program.
Incentive Payment means an adjustment to allowed revenues, whether allowed demand revenue or allowed network generation revenue, representing the penalty or reward in respect of the licensee’s performance against the incentive schemes.

Examples of Incentive Payment in a sentence

  • The same Demand Reduction may not be offered by a Demand Reduction Provider and by a customer as Operating Reserves or Regulation Service.Demand Reduction Aggregator: A Demand Reduction Provider, qualified pursuant to ISO Procedures, that bids Demand Side Resources of at least 1 MW through contracts with Demand Side Resources and is not a Load Serving Entity.Demand Reduction Incentive Payment: A payment to Demand Reduction Providers that are scheduled to make Day-Ahead Demand Reductions.

  • In addition, each Demand Reduction Provider that bids a Demand Reduction into the Day-Ahead Market and is scheduled in the SCUC to provide Energy through Demand Reduction shall receive a Demand Reduction Incentive Payment from the ISO equal to the product of: (a) the Day-Ahead hourly LBMP at the Demand Reduction bus; and (b) the lesser of the verified actual hourly Demand Reduction or the scheduled hourly Demand Reduction (in MW).

  • Distribution of the Performance-Based Incentive Payment will be in accordance with the rules below.

  • If a Settling State is eligible for Incentive Payment A on the basis of a Settlement Class Resolution, and a Primary Subdivision that opted out of the Settlement Class Resolution maintains a lawsuit asserting a Released Claim against a Released Entity, the following shall apply.

  • Incentive Payments A-C will be due in installments over the eighteen (18) Payment Years, and Incentive Payment D will be due in installments over thirteen (13) years beginning with Payment Year 6.

More Definitions of Incentive Payment

Incentive Payment means the payments made pursuant to subsection VII.E.
Incentive Payment means the amount payable by National Grid NTS the User and such amounts will be determined in accordance with the GRE Invoice Query Incentive Table contained within the GRE Invoice Query Incentive Scheme Methodology.
Incentive Payment means payment made by a utility to a Project Sponsor under an SOP.
Incentive Payment means the payment made by TNMP to Project Sponsor for Scheduled and Unscheduled Curtailment Demand Savings, as calculated pursuant to the Compensation Schedule.
Incentive Payment means, with respect to each Participant, the amount he or she may receive for the applicable Performance Period as determined by the Committee pursuant to the provisions of the Plan.
Incentive Payment means the payment to the Class Representative further described in Section III.F.2. of this Agreement.
Incentive Payment means payment made by EPE to a Project Sponsor under the Program.