Educational facilities definition

Educational facilities means the buildings and equipment, structures, and special educational use areas that are built, installed, or established to serve primarily the educational purposes and secondarily the social and recreational purposes of the community and which may lawfully be used as authorized by the Florida Statutes and approved by the boards. As used in these rules and unless otherwise clearly indicated by the context, “educational facilities” includes each educational facility, educational plant, ancillary plant, and auxiliary facility and all buildings and structures contained therein and thereon.
Educational facilities means class-rooms plus related supplies, equipment, machinery, and utilities of an edu- cational institution necessary or ap- propriate for instructional, administra- tive, and support purposes, but does not include buildings, structures and related items used primarily for reli- gious purposes or instruction.
Educational facilities means a public or private school or educational or training institution that offers a program of college, professional, environmental, preparatory, high school, middle school, junior high school, elementary, or kindergarten instruction, or any combination of those facilities, or any other program of trade, technical or artistic instruction (excluding single-day programs of instruction), together with associated staff housing and/or conference facilities and other typical educational accessory uses.

Examples of Educational facilities in a sentence

  • Based on the figures provided from colleagues in Education, Culture & Sport, it is estimated that approximately 9,000 individuals are involved in groups currently booking/ letting Educational facilities and the charges levied for these facilities is now set until August 2011.

  • Educational facilities have individualized goals based on a variety of factors, such as the size of campuses, functionality of campus buildings, funding sources, and decision-makers.

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Educational facilities means the buildings and equipment
Educational facilities means real, personal, and mixed
Educational facilities means the equipment, premises or other school property while "educational services" includes services provided by teachers. Boards of Governors of all schools may charge for educational facilities and services made available by it to any other school, institution, body or person. The facility to make charges is subject to any regulations or conditions which the Department of Education may make regarding maximum rates of charge and any circumstances in which charges may not be made.