Headteacher definition

Headteacher means the most senior teacher in the Academy who is responsible for its management and administration. Such teacher may also be referred to as the Head of School or Principal.
Headteacher means the substantive headteacher, who is the person with overall responsibility for the day to day management of the school.
Headteacher means the most senior teacher in the School who is responsible for its management and administration.

Examples of Headteacher in a sentence

  • The Headteacher or CSEL (as appropriate) must inform the CSEL (as appropriate)and Chair of the suspension.

  • In all cases involving any disciplinary sanction in relation to the CSEL, Headteacher or to a person on the Leadership Spine, or to potential or actual dismissal of any other member of staff, the Diocesan Schools Commission and/orthe Local Authority may send a representative to advise the Disciplinary Manager or Appeal Manager.

  • In such circumstances, the employee and the Headteacher, or inthe case where the disciplinary matter relates to the Headteacher, the Headteacher and the CSEL or in case where the disciplinary matter relates tothe CSEL, the CSEL and the Chair, will meet to discuss whether or not the Disciplinary Policy and Procedure should be suspended whilst the grievance isdealt with.

  • During periods of suspension, the Headteacher, or where it is the Headteacher who has been suspended, the Chair, will appoint an appropriate member of staff, or in the case of the suspension of the Headteacher or CSEL, a member ofthe Board, to act as a point of contact for you.

  • Delegated AuthorityThe Governing Body has delegated the authority to receive applications for lettings of a routine nature to EDU Lettings, who will consult with the Headteacher, the Finance Manager and Operations Director to accept and decline applications for hire of the premises at Guiseley School.

More Definitions of Headteacher

Headteacher means the head teacher of the Academy;
Headteacher means the lead person in each school.
Headteacher means the principal of the school.
Headteacher means headteacher or principal and includes a deputy or, in relation to a particular purpose or function, a person authorized by the headteacher or principal for that purpose or function;
Headteacher means the person appointed by the Governors of the School to be responsible for (or to share in the responsibility for) the day-to-day running of the School, including anyone to whom such duties have been delegated;