Certified teacher definition

Certified teacher means a person who is certified as a teacher
Certified teacher means a person currently certified by the State of South Carolina to teach in a public elementary or secondary school or who currently meets the qualifications outlined in Sections 59‑27‑10 and 59‑25‑115.

Examples of Certified teacher in a sentence

  • Dr. Manos is a thirty-year veteran of the classroom and a National Board Certified teacher.

More Definitions of Certified teacher

Certified teacher means a person who is certified as a teacher pursuant to the rules adopted by the state board of education, who renders direct and personal services to schoolchildren in the form of instruction related to the school district's educational course of study and who is paid from the maintenance and operation section of the budget.
Certified teacher means any teacher who has been issued a
Certified teacher means a teacher who holds all of the
Certified teacher means an individual who has a valid New Mexico-recognized certificate allowing them to teach in any qualified school.
Certified teacher means any person with a valid and current New Mexico teaching certificate issued by the New Mexico public education department or its equivalent in the United States.
Certified teacher means a teacher