Student teaching definition

Student teaching means a supervised teaching practice occurring near the end of an applicant's approved program.
Student teaching means the placement of a teacher education student in an advanced stage of preparation for a period of guided teaching in a school setting during which the student assumes increasing responsibility for directing the learning of a group or groups of students over a period of time.

Examples of Student teaching in a sentence

  • Rationale: Student teaching is the final clinical experience of Salish Kootenai College’s Teacher Education Program.

More Definitions of Student teaching

Student teaching means a minimum of twelve weeks of rigorous field-based experiences, appropriate for the cer- tificate the candidate is seeking, performed under the direction of a supervising practitioner and a program supervisor. The student teaching placement must be appropriate for the certification that the applicant is seek- ing.
Student teaching means the full quarter or semester in a
Student teaching means the period of clinical practice for individuals enrolled in teacher preparation programs. This period must include at least four hundred fifty hours of supervised planning, in- struction, and reflection.
Student teaching means the period during which a Candidate serves as a teacher in a school, plans and delivers independent instruction to students on a regularly scheduled basis, develops or prepares instructional materials, and evaluates students in any pre-school through grade twelve school setting.
Student teaching means preservice clinical practice for individuals preparing to become teachers.
Student teaching means a minimum of thirteen (13) consecutive weeks of supervised, concentrated field experience required for initial licensure, including an internship, or other concentrated field experience however named, in which the candidate shall gradually assume the full professional roles and responsibilities of an educator in the initial endorsement area sought.