Investigation Committee definition

Investigation Committee means the Investigation Committee appointed by the Board under Regulation 5 of these Regulations;
Investigation Committee means the committee consisting of at least three members of University staff or tenured faculty at any College actively involved in research in the same field as the subject of the allegationsRespondent or a related field who are appointed by the University DeanVice Chancellor for Research to investigate charges of Research Misconduct against faculty, staff, and/or post-doctoral associates, and/or students.
Investigation Committee means an Investigation Committee appointed under section 30;

Examples of Investigation Committee in a sentence

  • Where a matter is referred to a Misconduct Investigation Committee pursuant to sub-Clause 22.6.7 of this Agreement, the General Manager, or nominee, shall convene the committee within ten (10) working days where practicable.

  • At the initiation of an inquiry or investigation, the OGC will inform the members of the Inquiry Committee and the Investigation Committee about the importance of confidentiality with respect to committee proceedings.

  • If having considered the findings of the Misconduct Investigation Committee, the General Manager, or nominee, is of the view that the employee did engage in conduct amounting to serious misconduct, the General Manager, or nominee, may terminate the employment of the employee without notice.

  • Submitted to the National Investigation Committee Regarding the Water Crisis in Israel.

  • A Special Investigation Committee comprising three judges with wide judicial powers and headed by Judge Rizgar Amin, concluded that he had died as a result of torture.

More Definitions of Investigation Committee

Investigation Committee means the committee constituted pursuant to subsection 28(1) of the Act;
Investigation Committee means the investigation committee established pursuant to section 64 of the PGA [Investigation committee].
Investigation Committee means a committee appointed under regulation 13;
Investigation Committee means the standing committee established under these Bylaws;
Investigation Committee means the CSMC committee charged with conducting the Investigation and creating the Investigation Report.
Investigation Committee means the investigation committee appointed by the Board under subsection 35(1);