Appeal Committee definition

Appeal Committee means the appeal committee established by the Council in terms of section 12(3)(a);
Appeal Committee means the committee established under clause 22;
Appeal Committee means the committee established by Section R277-920-5.

Examples of Appeal Committee in a sentence

  • Any aggrieved Supplier/Firm against the decision of DP (N) or CINS or any other problematic area towards the execution of the contract may prefer an Appeal to Standing Appeal Committee (SAC) comprising PN Officers and military finance rep at Naval headquarters, Islamabad.

  • Participants are required to provide the name and relationship of their support person to the Appeal Committee a minimum of 48 hours prior to the hearing.

  • The Appeal Committee shall, in such circumstance, have full jurisdiction to review the facts of the case as if it were a Disciplinary Committee.

  • The Eviction Appeal Committee will communicate a decision in writing to the resident.

  • One of the members of the Eviction Appeal Committee must be a student, and one member must be a member of Residence Senior Management.

More Definitions of Appeal Committee

Appeal Committee means the Committee setup under the chairmanship of the Competent Authority, it shall deal with the representations submitted by the candidate(s)/parent(s) relating to grievances of the candidates with regard to MHT-CET-2010 examination and the selection process.
Appeal Committee means the Committee established by the Municipality with authority to hear appeals of decisions made or actions taken pursuant to the provisions of this by-law;
Appeal Committee means an ERISA Appeal Committee as described in Subsection 17.02 of the Plan.
Appeal Committee means the committee constituted in terms of section 57A(2);’’;
Appeal Committee means the Adjudicative Committee established under section;
Appeal Committee means a Redeployment and Retirement Appeal Committee constituted under Subdivision D of Division 2 of Part II of the Merit Protection Act;
Appeal Committee means the committee of the council appointed under sub-section 36(2) of the Act;