Gathering System definition

Gathering System means that portion of Gatherer’s pipeline system, including all appurtenances thereto, related to the provision of gathering and transportation services provided by Gatherer pursuant to this tariff.
Gathering System means the Midstream Properties of the Credit Parties and the DevCos, as applicable, comprised of any pipeline or gathering system owned or leased from time to time by any Credit Party or DevCo that is used in the business of such Credit Party or DevCo.
Gathering System means the natural gas pipelines and related facilities now owned or hereafter acquired by the MLP.

Examples of Gathering System in a sentence

  • Crude Oil for shipment through the Gathering System will be received only on a properly executed Nomination from Shipper identifying the month for which transportation is desired, the Receipt Point at which the Crude Oil is to be received by Gatherer, the Delivery Point of the shipment, Consignee (if any), and the amount of Crude Oil to be transported.

  • Such measuring equipment shall be comparable to the measuring equipment of other parties delivering gas into the Gathering System.

  • When Gatherer receives more Nominations in a month for transportation of Crude Oil on the Gathering System than Gatherer is able to transport, Gatherer shall allocate the System Capacity under the provisions of this Item 7.

  • Shipper shall follow the meter calibrations schedule established by Gatherer for each meter on the Gathering System.

  • Gatherer has the right to coordinate with downstream connecting facilities to ensure that Shipper has arranged for receipt of its Crude Oil at the Nominated Delivery Point; by Nominating Crude Oil for transportation on the Gathering System, Shipper agrees to permit such coordination.

More Definitions of Gathering System

Gathering System means, but not be limited to, the Gas gathering pipelines, fuel gas pipelines, dehydration facilities, compression facilities, junctions, heaters, meters, separators, electric power lines, communications cables, roads, and other related facilities and equipment from the inlet flange of the pipeline metering facility installed up to the inlet flange of the block valve upstream of the inlet header at the Plant inlet, necessary to gather and transport Gas from the Delivery Point(s) to the Plant and shall include any expansion of the Gathering System as provided in Paragraph 4.5.
Gathering System means the existing Gas and Condensate gathering system, including (a) pipelines; (b) compression, dehydration and treating facilities; (c) controls, Delivery Points, meters and measurement facilities; (d) owned (or leased) Condensate collection, gathering, stabilization, handling, and storage facilities; (e) rights of way, fee parcels, surface rights and permits; and (f) all appurtenant facilities, constructed, owned (or leased) and operated by Gatherer to provide Gathering Services to Shipper or Third Parties, as such gathering system and/or facilities are modified and/or extended from time to time to provide Gathering Services to Shipper pursuant to the terms hereof or to Third Parties, including the Facility Segments to be constructed and owned (or leased) and operated by Gatherer under this Agreement to provide the Gathering Services contemplated in this Agreement for Shipper.
Gathering System means the system of pipes and gathering lines which are located in Denton and Wise Counties, Texas, and are upstream of, and currently connected to and gathering Gas to, Company’s Chico Gas Processing Plant (together with future expansions and/or additions thereto) together with all related equipment and systems which are or will be connected to such pipes and gathering lines including, without limitation, meters, meter runs, compressors, separators, drips and pigging stations.
Gathering System means the initial gathering system described on Exhibit B, together with any additional System Segments constructed after the Effective Date, as such gathering system is expanded after the Effective Date, including, in each case, to the extent now in existence or constructed or installed in the future, Saltwater gathering pipelines, Receipt Point facilities, Measurement Facilities, rights of way, fee parcels, surface rights and permits, and all appurtenant facilities.
Gathering System means those facilities built, in accordance with this Agreement, and used by LMM to Gather Shipper’s Gas and provide any other service described in Section 1 in the Field.
Gathering System means, collectively, the Gathering Stations and the Pipeline Systems.
Gathering System has the meaning given such term in Section 2.1.