Refinery definition

Refinery means a facility used to produce motor fuel from crude oil, unfinished oils, natural gas liquids, or other hydrocarbons and from which motor fuel may be removed by pipeline, by marine vessel, or at a rack.
Refinery has the meaning set forth in the recitals.
Refinery means a plant at which gasoline is produced.

Examples of Refinery in a sentence

Mandan Tesoro Refinery has a crude oil capacity of 60,000 barrels per fact• Significant community support for refinery expansions and development.• Excellent environmental performance of existing refineries.

Further, at the Kashima Refinery, we commenced the operation of the Solvent De-Asphalting Unit, and thus established a system to increase the production of raw material for petrochemical products and gas oil, which are highly profitable, by cracking heavy oil fraction, for which demand is significantly decreasing.

BROADWAYNEW YORK, NY 10007-1866 VIA Electronic Mail – & Jeffrey Hersperger, Senior Vice President Limetree Bay Terminals, LLC1 Estate HopeChristiansted, VI 00820 Neil Morgan, Vice President, Refinery and General Manager Limetree Bay Refining, LLC1 Estate HopeChristiansted, VI 00820 Re: Request to Provide Information Pursuant to the Clean Air Act, Reference Number: CAA-02-2021-1462 Dear Messrs.

Consequently, total GRM decreased by Baht 418 million (-17% QoQ).The Company had a Baht 55 million gains from foreign currencies forward contract, whereas in Q4/2013 there was a Baht 418 million loss from foreign currencies forward contract.EBITDA from Refinery Business increased by Baht 277 million (+24% QoQ).

Surplus/Deficit of Refinery IFEM of each OMC will be the difference between the OMC’s noted cost relating to refinery freight and the refinery freight paid.

More Definitions of Refinery

Refinery means a facility for the manufacture or reprocessing of finished or unfinished petroleum
Refinery means a refining plant in which nickel concentrates or matte are or is treated to produce nickel metal; “refinery residues” or “residues” means waste material of the refinery consisting principally of iron oxides, iron sulphides and silicates in aqueous suspension;
Refinery has the meaning specified in the recitals hereto.
Refinery means a facility for the manufacture or reprocessing of finished or unfinished petroleum products usable as motor fuel and from which motor fuel may be removed by pipeline or marine vessel or at a rack.
Refinery means the refinery referred to in paragraph (a) of subclause (1) of clause 4 hereof;
Refinery means the oil refinery to be constructed and established on the refinery site pursuant to this agreement;