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CO2 means carbon dioxide.
CO2 means carbon dioxide;
CO2 means carbon dioxide. (11)"CO2e" means carbon dioxide equivalent.

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Chen, The Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction of Gardenia Yellow Pigment, J.

S1†), giving a structure (namely, IRCF-129) which can be viewed as an ion pair resulting from CO2 abstraction of the Hd— atom of [NHP]H.

IM1 is different from the X-ray structure of the CO2 hydro- phosphination product (IM3) but can convert to the more stable IM3 easily (see Fig.

In the presence of [NHP]H and CO2, HCO2— plays the role of initiating the reaction rather than water, because the RDS barrier of 21.8 kcal mol—1 using HCO2— as a catalyst is much lower than 26.4 kcal mol—1 using a water H-shuttle as a promoter.

Energies are relative to [NHP]H, CO2, and [Si]H2 and are mass balanced.

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CO2. ’ means carbon dioxide.
CO2 or “Carbon Dioxide” means a substance composed of molecules, each containing one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen.
CO2 means Carbon Dioxide.
CO2 each mean a substance primarily composed of molecules containing one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen and containing at least 99 percent (dry basis) by volume of such molecules.
CO2 means Carbon Dioxide
CO2 shall have the meaning specified in Section 3.7 of this Agreement.
CO2 means carbon dioxide of sufficient purity and quality as to not compromise the safety and efficiency of the reservoir to effectively contain the CO2.